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1 Pallet Mesh Containers For Transport Selling Miss_Alisa_Green.htmlMiss Alisa Green 11 May 2017, 04:28

Pallet mesh containers for transport

Xiaoye can supply and custom design pallet mesh containers for transport and storage uses. Also named cargo containers. Our recent export pallet containers are for pallet size: 100 X 80 X 85 cm3. We offer four types pallet wire mesh according to surface finishes: hot dip galvanized, Galvanized, Color Galvanized and Powder coated.

Two types of containers according to the base structures: Pallet containers with metal plate feet, or designed with wheels. OEM is welcome and optional wire dividers, casters, forklift pockets and other accessories are available for the pallet containers.

This pallet mesh / wire containers are designed with the following features:

Sliding locking handles hold drop side securely;
Welded wire mesh structure with galvanized or powder coated finish;
Fasteners are used to joint side panels together, ensuring durability;
Spiral hinge wire improves side panel steady and collapsible, foldable flat to save space;
U formed loops work with handles to fix up the side panels and drop gates;
Arched steel legs design increase strength and aid stack high and steady;
Holes punched on the U formed base channels for fixing the casters;
The U formed base channels welded by welding robots, ensuring welding quality and strong capacity;
U formed construction is welded underneath the side panel to avoid sliding;
Double welded wire construction to reinforce side panel for stack safety.

Accessories and fittings for pallet containers:
OEM is welcome. Xiaoye also supplies optional wire dividers, casters, forklift pockets and other additional fittings.

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2 Wire Mesh Storage Lockers Selling Miss_Alisa_Green.htmlMiss Alisa Green 11 May 2017, 04:27

Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

Structures, Parts and Designs of Wire Lockers:

Xiaoye Wire Mesh Lockers are made of cold rolled steel wire grids with adjustable shelf and hanger. It is a kind of security container with knocked-down construction, easily assembled within 6-10minutes. The mesh designs offer excellent ventilation and air flow for drying wet clothing and other items locked inside. The wire lockers' multi-tier mesh grid structure allows high visual security. The steel wire cabinet can be designed with different handle and lock styles and different door numbers. Other parts including inside hooks, standing legs and adjustable feet are supplied to secure the whole cabinet stability on floors. A special design of Master Security Key available to ensure the safety of the items locked inside.

Wire partition lockers produced by Xiaoye can be supplied in different dimensions and styles, and different colors powder coating according to RAL colour sample. The locker body and door can be painted in different colors. The surface treatments for the wire grid panels include hot dipped galvanized and powder coated.

Major Types of Wire Lockers According to Uses:

Type One: Standard range of Wire Mesh Security Storage Lockers ideal for building sites and construction environments:

Full Height Wire Mesh Lockers with Doors for Storage of Clothing and Tools:

Sizing options:

All wire mesh lockers come in size choices of :

1980mm high x 305mm deep x 305mm wide
1980mm high x 305mm deep x 450mm wide

Custom sizes may be considered for high number unit orders

Lock Options:

As well as the standard key locking mechansims, these alternatives are also available at extra cost per locker : £1 Coin Return system, Hasp & Staple lock for use with Combination or standard Padlock

The wire mesh locker range is available in nests of 2 or 3 units for easier installation aswell as the standard single lockers.

Locker Features:

1. Manufactured from 25x25x2.5mm wire mesh on a 6-8mm rod framework
2. Hasp and Staple locking suitable for use with optional padlocks
3. Bright Zinc and Laquer finish to give a durable longer lasting finish
4. 3 Point Locking and 3 coat hooks on 1 and 2 tier locker models.
5. The mesh designs offer excellent ventilation
6. High visual security
7. Air flow for drying wet clothing and other items
8. Secure location for tools and protective equipment

Type Two: Coloured Coated Wire Mesh Storage Lockers Ideal for Wet Clothing Storing in Supermarket and Sport Square:

1980 x 305 x 457 Zinc and Colour Wire Mesh Lockers is Ideal for Wet Clothing

Material: low carbon steel
Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC coated
Uses: Supermarket and sport square

Type Three: 1 to 6 Layers Wire Bench locker for storing private items in warehouse or other public workplace.
Personal lock available.
1 to 6 layers steel mesh wire bench locker H1800*W380*D450mm: Filing Cabinet

•Made of heavy-gauge, full-welded structure wire mesh.
•Powder coating after zinc plated to make the product last longer
•Knock-down structure and hinges make assembly easily and save space during shipping
•Chrome plated locks and timber finished seat.
•Metal hanger and shoe hooks for storing clothes in order and neatness.
•Power coated finish and various colors available according to RAL samples.
•OEM services provided.
•Shape of single door, double door, and 3 door, each set can be connected with each other to be one row
•Can be fixed to the wall

Type Four: Single Door Wire mesh locker cabinets for Commercial/Educational use.

457mm (12') Wire mesh Lockers, available as a single door locker or as 2,3,4 and 6 door.

Available as a single locker or constructed in nests of 2,3 and 4 lockers.
Constructed from 25mm x 25mm welded mesh on 8mm rod frame and powder coated silver. Standing on 150mm high legs to a height of 1980mm.

All lockers include floor and wall fixing brackets and a name plate. Padlocks available as an extra.

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3 Stackable Wire Containers Selling Miss_Alisa_Green.htmlMiss Alisa Green 11 May 2017, 04:25

Stackable wire containers

Collapsible & Stackable Wiremesh Containers With solid PP Sheets.

Stackable Wire Container
The Folding Wire Mesh Container, also names as wire mesh basket or wire mesh cage is an essential and flexible unit for material handling and storage. It's lightweight yet can hold up to 4,000 lbs. , durable yet low cost, can be used for a multitude of tasks yet is virtually maintenance free.
Examples of custom-built Wire Mesh Container options:        
1. Cap channel over wire perimeter for added protection.
2. Square-Stack legs for secure stacking.
3. Tags, labels, card holders.
4. Casters, fork sleeves, runner bars.
5. Dividers or security lids.
6. Custom colors.
7. Custom feet available.       
8. Custom wire mesh size.

As a China supplier, Xiaoye exports collapsible and stackable metal mesh containers with a maximum 4 stacks high. The collapsible wire mesh cage can be designed with metal grid welded structure with PP sheets inside to protect the surface of the goods carrying.

The containers are welded with steel grid and U-shaped stiffener at bottom for strengthening the metal structure. The cardboard or PP sheet can be placed in it to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. Assisted by transportation equipment, the containers will PP sheets can be used in logistic, delivering of fragile goods and warehouse storage. For warehouse and logistic uses.

Structures and Benefits of Using:
The containers can be stacked to save space: They can be stacked to 4 layers to achieve three-dimensional storage. And the side door can be opened when stacked.
The metal containers can be collapsible when not used. A man can easily handle it by himself. It can also be folded to save space.

Spot welding structure makes the cage strong and durable. The stackable and collapsible containers are strong, durable and light in weight.

It is easy to load goods by using hydraulic trucks. The collapsible containers can be operated easily with hydraulic trucks, forklifts, elevators and other handling equipment. And the fork can enter goods from all directions.

The stackable containers can be used as a truck when fixed with wheels. They can be stacked when used as a truck. But be careful when the loading is to too heavy.

The inserted PP sheet can protect fragile goods and easily-scratched-surface goods in warehouse storage.

Typical Size of 4 Stacks Wiremesh Containers with Protective PP Sheets:

Height 1200 mm, Width  1010 mm, Length 1200 mm.
The internal volume: around 1.2 cu.meter
Max. loading Capability: 500 to 600 Kg
Wire Diameter 5.8 - 6.0mm
Mesh Size : 50 x 50 mm
PP Sheets attached : 2- 2.55 mm thick /sheet.

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4 Collapsible Steel Stillages Selling Miss_Alisa_Green.htmlMiss Alisa Green 11 May 2017, 04:24

Collapsible steel stillages

Xiaoye supplies steel stillages for holding and transporting in the automotive industry and other fields. This is a kind of heavy type steel containers produced by large-tonnage precision punching equipments and welded together by imported CO2 robots. The maximum loading/ holding capacity can be designed to 2000 kg while stacking 4 high. The stillages containers are made of welded wire mesh panels, fixed with tubular steel corner posts or steel angle corner posts. This special design ensures products safety in storage and transportation. This steel stillages / containers are stronger, more durable and beautiful products. The collapsible structure of panels can save space when not in use. Collapsible wire stillage is widely used in auto-parts assembly industry and other fields.

According to surface finishes, Xiaoye supplies two types of stillages: Zinc coated and powder coated.

Hot Sold Galvanized Steel Stillages Specification:

External dimension ( LxWxH ) :2255X1107X1260MM
Height (after folding) : 340mm
Loading: 1500 KG
Stacking of full pallets: 4 high
Surface: zinc plated
Label: Free label painting if required.
Sizes: Available in standard and special sizes manufactured to suit individual customer needs.

Powder Coated Steel Stillages:

Stillages Product Features:
1. Foldable and stackable for storage
2. Bright electro zinc plated finish or powder coating
3. Smooth sunning nylon, pp castor with roller bearing
4. Strong reinforced design
5. Available with 2,3 or 4 sides and optional shelves
6. Hygienic-can be steam cleaned or pressure washed
7.Security option available

Xiaoye supplies various stillages and metal pallets: Collapsible / Foldable Stillages, tyre (Tire) Pallets, cage pallets, box pallets, roll containers, mesh cages and more logistic containers.

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5 Warehouse Wire Containers Selling Miss_Alisa_Green.htmlMiss Alisa Green 11 May 2017, 04:23

Warehouse wire containers

Warehouse containers are wired baskets designed with pockets for working with forklift in the warehouse and loading process. This product can be piled in 4 layers to save space. It can be used with lifter and crane to realize solid storage effect, and collapsible piling can be applied, which only covers 20% of the original space.

Warehouse storage bulk containers
Custom Size Available
Custom Load Capacity Available
Mesh Pattern: 0.5''x0.5'', 1''x1'', 2" x 2", 2" x 4", 4" x 4" etc
Wire Diameter: 2.9mm - 6.2mm (2 - 9 Gauge)
Load Capacity: 500 - 2000kgs, Max Stack 4 Layer
Finish: Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Baked Spray Paint or Hot Dip Galvanization.

The warehouse container can be applied throughout the course of processing of raw materials, storage of finished products and delivery to customers cooperating with pilers, lifters, cranes, trolleys, oil pressure trailers or other equipments, which can not only reduce damage rate but also save labor cost.

Design and Structure:
This containers can be made with casters, forklift pockets, U wires on feet, mark plate, lid panel, PP sheet inside, protective feet plate, runners, protective feet and other fittings. This galvanized steel wire container adopts collapsible design with simple and safe operation, wide application and long use life. It is welded with powerful steel bars, intensified in the bottom with U iron and square tube, and fixed with special brackets to make processing safer and quicker. The pockets design for forklift helps to achieve easy delivering of the goods.

Features and Benefits:
Collapsible, folded to flat to save space
Can be stacked at 4 layers at rated loading capacity
Half drop gate, full drop gate design, full drop gate on both sides , for easy use with forklifts and other loading facilities.

Common Specifications of Galvanized Steel Warehouse Containers:
48"Wx52"Lx48"H wired containers with Fold Down Side and Pockets
44"Wx48"Lx32"H c/w Fold Down Side and Pockets
42"Wx58"Lx30"H c/w Fold Down Side and Pockets
48"Wx52"Lx24"H c/w Fold Down Side and Pockets
45"Wx48"Lx36"H c/w Fold Down Side and Pockets

Accessories of wired container: casters, mark plate, dividers, lids, forklift pockets and runners.

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6 Steel Mesh Wire Containers Selling Miss_Alisa_Green.htmlMiss Alisa Green 11 May 2017, 04:22

steel mesh wire containers

Steel wire mesh containers is also named foldable mesh bins, boxes or wire containers. This product is made of welded mild steel wire and tubes. Wire mesh side panels fixed with welded U-shaped stiffener or tubular structure at bottom for strengthening. With or without lids. Solid pp sheets can be placed inside the panels to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. This wire cage container can be designed with open gates/doors or fold down sides for easy stacking and collapsing during transport and storage, also for easy access of truck lifts from all sides. With the use of lift truck or forklifts, this wiremesh container can be easily used in logistic steps, such as transportation, loading and unloading, and warehouse storage. The steel mesh containers can be divided into light type and heavy load containers according to capacity.

we supply Structures, Advantages, Popular Sizes of Steel Wire Containers, also Heavy Load Containers, export type containers for different markets including USA, Canada and Southeast Asian countries. Also technical terms should be mentioned when ordering from us.

Structures of Foldable Steel Wiremesh Containers:

Welded wire structure with side panels.
Bending handle is easy to open and close.
The container bottom is adopted the U-channel steel to strengthen the loading intensity.
The special foot base structure of the steel mesh containers assures the stability of wire container when loading and heaping.
Spiral spring hinge connects the reticular pieces, which makes the wire container can be folded when they are idle.
The top/lid is fixed by clamp that assures the intensity of the hinge.
Auxiliary strengthened structure assures the stability of wire container when heaping.
Adopting the multipoint spot welding technique assures the wire container durable.
Individual bolt assures the easy opening of the door when the wire container is heaped.

a. Welded wire firm structure
b. Electro galvanized finish or Powder coated finish is available
c. Stackable, collapsible, folds flat to save space
d. Drop gate for easy access when stacked
e. Easy forklift access from all sides
f. Lowest maintenance cost
g. Other standard options include casters, security lids, shelves, dividers, and card holders are available
h. Product can be customized specification or OEM.

Popular Sizes of Stackable and Collapsible Steel Wire Basket Containers:
(1) Dimension Size: 800mm*600mm*640mm, 1000mm*800mm*840mm, 1200mm*1000mm*890mm etc.
(2) Diameter of wire: 5.0mm, 6.0mm or 6.4mm etc.
(3) Size of mesh or pitch: 50mm*50mm, 50mm*100mm.
(4) Loading capacity: Varying from 500kg to 2000kg.
(5) Surface Treatment: Galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, color galvanized or powder coating.
(5) Customized sizes are available.

Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh Containers can be made in light type and heavy type according to loading capacities.
The popular heavy load containers have an approx. size of 1.5meter X 1.5meter X1.5meter.
(1) It can be used to store up to 2000kgs of material and stackable
(2) Made of from 5mm or greater galvanized welded mesh, Legs are wrapped and welded around the based-no edges to scratch floors or people.
(3) Convenient drop gate design for easy access to products. Double wire reinforcements at load-bearing surface and top edges. Base inside walls protect content from damage.
(4) Open wire mesh design allows for full visibility for inventory checks, ventilation and cleanliness, four-way entry for easy use with lift trucks.
(5) Stacking Capacity (in warehouse) :4 stacking
(6) Surface treatment: galvanized and hot dip galvanized, with high anti-corrosion performance and compliant with environment protect trend.
(7) The heavy container can be assembled & discharged by one people only without any assistant tools.
(8Specially designed for empty vessel stacking one by one to save space.

Stackable Steel Galvanized Metal Wire Mesh Pallet Container For Storage

Type: Wire Container, Wire mesh pallet container
Scale: Medium Duty
Capacity:800 kg
Wire guage:5-12mm
Wire mesh:60x103mm
Loading Capacity:800 kg.
Use: Warehouse, storage, logistics.
Stackability:4 High
Finish: zinc palted.

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7 Tensile Polyester Mesh Silk Printing Screen Selling Miss_Lee_Yeyang.htmlMiss Lee Yeyang 24 Apr 2017, 02:06

tensile polyester mesh silk printing screen

Stretchable polyester mesh thin fabric is plain woven monofilament fabric suitable for fine silk printing. Also called polyamide printing screen, ink printing mesh or stationery ink filter fabric. Made with imported weaving looms, the monofilament mesh has a general mesh count ranges from 80 to 420mesh, inch 7-165T, mesh opening ranges from 25 to 1100um. The roll width varies: 1150mm,1270mm,1580mm, 1650mm, 2600mm, 3200mm, 3650mm (Max). Our polyester mesh screen is widely used in electronic PCB printed circuit board, thin film technology, key pads, the printing of textile, glass, ceramics, ads, filter ink, aerospace, petrochemica, melt  filter and other high tech industries.

Polyester mesh has minimum fabric thickness, excellent tensile strength and stretching performance allowing the smooth ink flow. Monofilament polyester or polyamide mesh can guarantee accurate registration, precision ink deposit control and high abrasion resistance. As replacement for silk fabric, this synthetic dacron netting will not shrink, stretch or sag. In addition, our screen is dimensionally stable and highly-tensioned, so that the screen printing screens can be stretched and printed with a minimum off-contact distance. This capability ensures the most accurate and consistent screen printing results.

Good resistance to acid, alkali  and high tension;
Stable stretching property and long work time;
Accurate processing, accurate registration;
Low off-contact printing;
High reproducibility;
High tensile strength;
Maximum printing speeds;
Minimized tension loss during the screen printing process.

100% Polyester or Polyamide Monofilament Textile Printing Screen Mesh for plate making printing, electronic printing, ceramics, glass, stained paper printing, label plate, advertising, arts and crafts and mobile telephone dustproof aspects. Available in colours of white, red, yellow.

100% monofilament polyester silk printing mesh of 25 micron, high tension fabric material used in textile printing, woven from yarn extruded from heated polyester into a single strand.

Material: 100% polyester (or nylon).
Mesh Count: 5T-120T mesh/cm (13mesh-305mesh/inch)
Mesh opening: 25-1100um
Length: 30m,50m per roll, or as your request
Width: 1-2m
Application: Widely used in CD/DVD Printing, Ceramic Decorating printing, Graphic Screen Printing.

Made with high quality domestic and imported raw material, advanced weaving looms and test instruments;
High tension and low elasticity;
High temperature resistance and strong waterproof mesh;
Faster printing speed;
The flat screens have accurate and standard mesh to ensure the uniformity;
Standard size and special width available as customer's requirement, and the roll width is up to 3.6 meter.

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8 Press Filter Belt Selling Miss_Lee_Yeyang.htmlMiss Lee Yeyang 24 Apr 2017, 02:06

Press Filter Belt

Filter belt of polyester or dacron mesh is designed as screen media for high pressure press-filters and belt presses filtration system. The synthetic filter cloth has great strength, stability, excellent chemical resistance and cake release properties. The fabric is woven with spiral wire in big loop or large loop, medium loop, and small loop to achieve varified filtration ratings. The mesh belt is popularly used used for paper making, as drainage filter mesh for pulp machine pressing uses, also coal washer, metal and mineral concertration and food industry. We offer press filter screen with seam, non woven and coated mesh types.

Polyester Mesh Belt Used with Following Filtration Systems

Wire Mesh Press Belt for Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters:

Available in seamless mesh type with mechanical joints.
Applications: Dewatering and coveyer belt in coal dewatering, sugar mud dewatering, mineral concertrates.

Mesh Belt for Multi Roll Belt Presses:

Available in plain woven mesh or spiral link mesh fabrics.
Applications: Dehydration belt in coal washing and dewatering, waste water treatment of activated and digested sludge treatment and heavy metal removing.

Filter Belt for Vertical Automatic Pressure Filtration System:

The spiral type mesh belting is dimensionally and mechanically stable for continuous production.
Application: Mineral concentrate dewatering, metal purification, sugar mud and starch slurry treatment.

Polyester press belt can be used on horizontal belt filtering machine or vertical filtering machine of many industries listed below:
Printing and dying;
Salt industry;
Environment protection;
Oil processing;
Coal & Mining;
Cement and other industries.

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9 Polyester Bolting Cloth Selling Miss_Lee_Yeyang.htmlMiss Lee Yeyang 24 Apr 2017, 02:05

Polyester Bolting Cloth

We supplies two types of bolting cloths: polyester mesh cloth and stainless steel woven wire fine mesh. They are used for silk printing, fine grading in flour mills and shale shaker screening. Polyester material bolting cloth has several benefits compared with stainless steel (mainly SUS316 ) bolting cloth, for example: high tension, less weight and less cost. Powders and granular materials are sometimes described as having a certain mesh size. Both Stainless Steel and Polyester wire bolting cloth can be supplied with fine mesh sizes and thin fabrics for standard test sieve screen uses.

Mesh counts range 20-420 per inch and the roll width goes 300mm to 3200mm supplied with color of white or yellow mainly. Bolting cloth of monofilament wire polyester and polyamide is widely used in printing, platemaking; filtering in the fields of electron, textile, ceramics, glass; filtering and screening as well as flour sieving and grading.

High tension 80 mesh polyester bolting cloth

Specifications and Materials:
Material:100% polyester monofilament, polymer yarn.
Weave Type: Plain weave.
Style: Synthetic monofilament.
Filter Mesh Aperture: 25-1068um.

Tensive Polyester Mesh Cloth Features:
Faster tensioning without damage to the threads
Improved fabric strength
Faster tension stabilization
Higher tension threshold and breaking point
Less tension loss during the stretching process
Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the pressroom
Improved registration due to stable tension.

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10 Plastic Nylon Ptfe Mesh Selling Miss_Lee_Yeyang.htmlMiss Lee Yeyang 24 Apr 2017, 02:04

Plastic Nylon PTFE Mesh

PTFE plastic mesh is non toxic, low-friction fabric with high anti-adhesiveness and high dielectric properties. 20 Mesh-200Mesh PTFE mesh is used for gas-liquid filter or teflon plastic mesh filter. One of the best anti-corrosive product in filtration, the teflon plastic mesh be used in hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and various organic acids. PTFE base fabric can be according to the requirements of the filter material strength, design different warp/weft density. Base fabric are more than 1000 n, warp/weft to strong water pressure can reach 50 kg.

PTFE Mesh Performances and Features:
1. Temperature - 20 ~ 250 °C, allow quenching heat, or alternating operation. - 20 ~ 250 °C ~ + 482 ° F (- 4)
2. Pressure to 0.1 ~ 6.4 Mpa (full negative pressure to 64 KGF/cm2) 0.1 ~ 6.4 Mpa (Full vacuum to 64 KGF/cm2)
3. High temperature resistant, use the working temperature of 250 °C.
4. Good low temperature resistance, good mechanical toughness; Even if the temperature dropped to - 196 °C, also can maintain the elongation of 5%.
5. Corrosion - to most chemicals and solvents, inert, acid alkali, water and a variety of organic solvents.
6. High lubrication - is the lowest in the friction coefficient in solid materials.
7. Don't stick - is the smallest, the surface tension of the solid material don't adhere to any material.
8. High humidity environment also apply;
9. Not easy to aging;
10. No pollution.

Materials and Specifications:
Hole Shape: Round
Filter Rating: 99%
Thickness: 0.08mm-0.3mm
Length: as your requirement
Width: 40-100,60-150.140-400,160-400
Color: white
Wire diameter: 0.08mm-0.3mm
Application: gas-liquid filter
Mesh width: 10-600mm.

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11 Textile Mesh Fabric Selling Miss_Lee_Yeyang.htmlMiss Lee Yeyang 24 Apr 2017, 02:04

Textile Mesh Fabric

Fire retardant PVC Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh is a textile mesh fabric offering shade and barrier fencing for swimming pools. The mesh is woven with PVC and PET composite yarn with excellent tear and abrasion resistance.

Eco-friendly PVC foam material, create a good atmosphere and can be used for a long time.
The PVC placemat can protect the table from smudging  and give you a comfortable touch.
Non-skid table placemat helps keep your place settings from sliding around the table during mealtimes.
reduce the cleaning cost, save money.
don't worry the mat will fade or deformation.
size and style can be customized by customer.

Polyester mesh textile fabric is waterproof, UV-proof, oil-proof fabric, ideal for making awnings, sunscreens, umbrellas, cushions, ground mats and fencing uses. Also other applications that require high tensile strength, breathability and flame resistance. This special fabric is also known as textilene mesh fabric or teslin. Processing invovles polyester yarns individually pvc coated, woven and heat set to become durable and long lasting textilene fabrics.

Material and Specifications :

1) Fabric: Mesh fabric utilizing a mildew resistant polyvinyl coating that provides years of using in the harshest sun light and the most extreme winter
2) Pattern: various available like 1*1, 2*1, 2*2 and so on
3) Specification: any sizes available as requested
4) Different colors or blended available
5) Available in a variety of colors, vinyl textile mesh are very easy to clean and dry quickly.
6) The mesh fabrics show good flame retardant properties also and can be safely used, tough and suitable for a range of weathers.

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12 Plain Weave Stainless Steel Bolting Cloth Selling Miss_Lee_Yeyang.htmlMiss Lee Yeyang 24 Apr 2017, 02:03

Plain weave stainless steel bolting cloth

Plain weave stainless steel bolting cloth is made of super thin wire of SUS 304 and 316 woven into square hole mesh cloth with high tensile strength and excellent fine filtration. The durable fine wire cloth is Ideal for sifting and sieving process of screening machines.

Compared with common woven wire cloth, tensile bolting cloth ss mesh screen woven with thinner wire diameters relative to the mesh count, enjoy increased percentage of open area and faster powder flow through the screen.
Super thin mesh fabric with fine filter property is used for fine grading in flour mills used as flour mesh or stand flour mesh sieves. Compared with polyester mesh bolting cloth, stainless steel screening mesh can have very small elongation of wire mesh at high tension. While polyester mesh
has less weight and less cost. Both Stainless Steel and Polyester Bolting Cloth can be supplied with a variety of wire diameter, micron mesh sizes and thin fabrics for standard test sieve screen uses. Both fabrics are sturdy and durable.

Popular Sizes for Sifting and Sieving Screen Uses:
316 grade 22x22 mesh x 0.0075 wire diameter x 69 percent open area
316 grade 200x200 mesh x 0.0016 wire diameter x 46.2 percent open area;
316 grade 165 x 165 mesh x 0.0019 mm wire diameter 47.1% open area;
304 grade 94x94 mesh x 0.0035 mm wire diameter, x 44.5% open area.

Fine micron stainless steel mesh cloth can be used as silk printing screen for Textile Printing, Ceramic Printing, Glass Printing, Graphics Printing, Electronic Printing, CD/DVD Printing, etc.

Weave: Plain Weave.
High tension: Much higher tension than common polyester mesh and smooth tension;
Super precision: Uniform wire diameter and aperture with extremely low difference;
Low elongation: Very small elongation of wire mesh at high tension;
High flexibility: The wire mesh will not lose elasticity at extreme tension;
High corrosion resistance: The excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel wire exceeds polyester fiber;
Non-electrostatic: To avoid affects of non-electrostatic for print and ensure the safety of printing;
Good heat-melting resistance: Special features of stainless wire mesh. Suitable for heat-melting ink;
Good solvent resistance: To avoid the affects of any solvents to wire mesh and to ensure the safety of print screen.

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13 Wire Mesh Breathers For Filter Selling Mrs_Rosanna_Smith.htmlMrs. Rosanna Smith 24 Apr 2017, 01:50

wire mesh breathers for filter

We supply knitted woven wire mesh breather elements in sizes and shapes to meet custom orders. Stainless steel, brass and other metals are common metal materials applied for manufacture of the automotive filter components.

Materials: Stainless steel, brass or other metals.

Features: Metal wire knitted mesh breathers are made from wire types chosen specifically for their resistance to hostile agents such as temperature extremes and corrosions. These compressed mesh elements can be tailored to meet a wide range of filtration or flow targets.

Material: AISI302/304/ 304L /316/ 316L /321/mild steel/ Galvanized steel/brass/phosphor bronze/ fiber/PP/PC/PVC


Wire Dia.: 0.10mm -0.40mm (usual 0.25mm )
Wire shape: round wire/flat wire
Opening: from 2x 3mm to 12x 6mm
Strand : single or double or multiwire
Width of the flat sock: 10mm -720mm
Needle No.: 14-240needles
Types we supply:

Knitted polyester mesh for oil filler breathers
Knitted Mesh Engine Breather
Woven Type: single wire, double wire, multi wire strand weave.

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14 Aluminum Wire Loop Knitted Mesh Selling Mrs_Rosanna_Smith.htmlMrs. Rosanna Smith 24 Apr 2017, 01:49

aluminum wire loop knitted mesh

We supply aluminum wire mesh woven in rolls. The fabrics of alum wire mesh are in single or double layer made of flat wire. The loop knitting aluminium mesh can be used for both architectural design and thermal engineering filter pad uses.

1. Aluminum Demister Pad Knitted Mesh
Thickness of Thread: 0.2 mm
Big loops around 5x5 mm
Small loops: 2x4 mm
Weight for single layer: 100 g/m2
Roll width: 540 mm, 600 mm

2. Aluminium Flat Wire Netting for Decoration and Filter Uses
Wire Form: Flat wire
Wire thickness: 0.12 mm
Wire width: 0.60 mm
Roll width: 600 mm

Major Applications:
Aluminum Alloy Filter Elements with Rating of 99% used as air filter, liquid filter, solid filter in boilers, evaporators, vaccum towers, absorbers, lube towers;
Monel and Aluminium TCS Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh Tube for Hydraulic Oil or Water Treatment;
Aluminium knitted wire mesh for airbag filter;
Powder coated knitted woven mesh for decorative curtains.

Light weight;
Corrosion resistance;
Easy maintenance;

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15 Stainless Steel Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh Gaskets Selling Mrs_Rosanna_Smith.htmlMrs. Rosanna Smith 24 Apr 2017, 01:48

stainless steel compressed knitted wire mesh gaskets

We supply Knitted Wire Tube Gasket Axial Compressed, also mesh washers, knitted wire mesh mufflers, exhaust silencers and seals. Used mainly as auto parts for exhaust system and EMI shielding system.

Major Types:

Knit Mesh Gasket for Export:

OD:   1.2"
ID:   0.5"
Thickness:   0.4"
Material: 304 Stainless steel knitted mesh
Wire Size: 0.0025"
Weight:   6 grams

SUS304N/316L stainless steel wire mesh EMI shielding gasket:

Raw material: SUS304N,316L
Use: electromagnetic radiation shielding
Colour: Black
Width: 1.02 meter
Weight: 37 grams/ square meter
Shielding efficiency: 30DB
The content of silver: 12%

Material: Stainless steel wire 201,304,316,316L,430, brass wire, etc.
Compressed from knitted stainless steel, copper, nickel, aluminum or monel wire mesh materials.

High strength and overall rigidity
Good air permeability
Excellent filtering accuracy
Good filter resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance
Easy to clean, simple assembly, long replacement cycle.
Special sizes can be customized.

Knitted mesh compressed gaskets and washers are mainly used for:
Oil-gas separation, air purification filters of various machinery and equipment;
Sealing, damping ( shocking proof), silencers and exhaust gas purification components of auto parts;
Electronics and electrical products EMI shielding devices.

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16 Decorative Mesh Curtains And Panels Selling Mrs_Rosanna_Smith.htmlMrs. Rosanna Smith 24 Apr 2017, 01:47

decorative mesh curtains and panels

Knitted wire mesh netting of Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminum are popularly used for in various engineering and decorative uses. The metal mesh is processed into curtains, facade screen, partitions, wall panels and elevator wall cladding offering modern aesthetic decoration effects. Silver and gold wire are also used for decorative mesh knitting / weaving / processing.

Major Types:
Brass Mesh:Decoration Netting for hotels, exhibition halls and other buildings. Size of curtain nets can be customized.

Stainless Steel Decorative Wire Mesh Curtains:
We supply woven ss mesh of 314, 316 and 316L for modern designs. Decorative wire mesh is a new decorative materials in the modern construction industry and widely used as curtains in house, screens for dining hall, isolation in holes, ceiling decoration, decoration in trade fair exhibition and retractable sun light protection, etc.

Chain Link Mesh Weaving Drapery:
Chain link curtains we supply are applied for partition, ceiling in airport, hotel, theaters, and exhibition decoration.
Available in copper, aluminum and stainless steel, also color painted metal. Chain link decorative mesh features excellent flexibility, cornering function, and light weight.
Metal Mesh Curtain of Aluminum Wire Diameter: 1.2 mm , 1.6 mm, with Black Powder Coating.

Knitted Wire Mesh Screen (Stainless steel, brass ) for Architectural Decoration.
Knitted wire mesh of crimped wire are popularly used in decorations of exhibition halls, hotels and luxurious room decorations as screens, also inside and outside decorations in superior office buildings, dancing halls, business halls, shopping center and sports center, ceilings, walls, stairs and railings.
Material: Stainless steel wire (AISI304, AISI316, AISI316L); aluminum alloy, brass, copper or other alloy materials.

Metal mesh for decoration enjoy the following features:

Good flexibility, strength with its versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, aging resistance, sunshine resistance, weather resistance. Degrees of transparency and flexibility and suit able for both interior and exterior applications.

Decorative architectural wire screen is populary used for dining hall, isolation in hotels, ceiling decoration, animal containment, stair channel, high grade interior decoration of hotels, wire mesh facades, partition and isolation screens, staircases isolation screen, elevator cabins screen, floor covering fabrics, shade screens, shower curtains, lamp screen, metal draperies for walls.

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17 Blankets Type Demister Pad Selling Mrs_Rosanna_Smith.htmlMrs. Rosanna Smith 24 Apr 2017, 01:46

blankets type demister pad

We supply knitted mesh blankets widely used as demister pad in air filters, breathers and separators made for cars, trucks and farm equipment. The porous blankets are designed and constructed of carefully knitted wire mesh to efficiently abate mist particles. We export mesh blanket demisters to U.A.E, USA and many other countries. As one of major alloy materials applied, Monel is a nickel-copper alloy that offers somewhat higher strength than unalloyed nickel while remains ductility. Monel knitted mesh products can be used against corrosion in a broad range of filtration environments including sulfuric acid, hydroflouric acid, brines, and water.

Types and Specifications of Knitted Monel Mesh Demister Pad Blankets

Mesh Blankets for Vessel 320:
Structure: Layers of knitted fine monel wire mesh, assembled in multiple layer section, supported and sanwiched in monel. Lightweight grids.
Thickness: 6½ ( 150 mm )
Shape: Round circular
For vessel no: 320 with ID 746 mm in 8 pieces
Mesh style: 431

Mesh Blankets for Demister Pad, Vessel No: 306

Mesh Material: Knitted Monel Wire Mesh
Structure: Layers of fine woven wire mesh fabric, assembled in multiple layer section, supported and sandwiched in monel.
Vessel: For vessel no: 306 with ID 2134 mm in 12 pieces

Mesh Blankets in Square Shape 356 x 356, for Vessel No 306.

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18 430 Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh Filter Tubes Selling Mrs_Rosanna_Smith.htmlMrs. Rosanna Smith 24 Apr 2017, 01:44

430 stainless steel knitted mesh filter tubes

Hebei Drahtgeflecht Knitted Mesh Co., Ltd exports knitted wire mesh of 430ss grade crimped wire. We supply knitted metal mesh filters for air-conditioning and air management, also in filter constuction for galley/kitchen hoods. Stainless steel 430 knit woven wire mesh is produced into various forms of square or circular mist eliminator pads. These demister filters are used for the retaining of moisture/steam and grease droplets.

Other mesh materials available for grease droplets eliminiting: Galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Mesh Netting has to be in rolls measuring 580 mm width or custom size.

430 Stainless Steel Knit Mesh:
Wire crimped 011" x Hole width 200N x Roll Width 19.5".

430ss Wire Mesh:
Crimped Wire 007" x Hole 240N x Roll Width 28".

Varieties we supply:
410 and 430 magnetic stainless steel knitted filter wire mesh used as main component of wire mesh demister and other separation engineering;
Weaving Net, Gas and Liquid Filter Net used as foam breaking net, or electromagnetic wave shielding net.

Common Specification
Standard type:40-100 60-150 105-300 140-400 160-400 200-570.
Efficient type:60-100 80-100 80-150 90-150; 150-300 200-400 300-600.
High Shocking:20-100 30-150 70-400 100-600 170-560.
Damping type:33-30 38-40 20-40 26-40 30-40; 30-50 48-50 30-60 30-80 50-120.

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19 Flat Crimped Wire Knitted Ss Mesh Selling Mrs_Rosanna_Smith.htmlMrs. Rosanna Smith 24 Apr 2017, 01:43

Flat Crimped Wire Knitted SS Mesh

Knit Wire Netting can be supplied in various stainless steel grades of flat crimped wire: 316SS, SS304, 302, AISI309 or 321. We mainly supply 316 Flat Wire Knitted Mesh, 304 or 302 Knit Mesh Rolls of Crimped Wire, SS309 Wire Mesh of Continuous Knitted Type. We also supply steel alloy wire mesh fabrics such as Teflon Knitted Mesh, Monel and Inconel Knitted Wire to meet specific filter requirements. We can compress our products into various forms. For example: cylindrical, round disc, ring, oval, rectangle, bottle-shaped, as well as various other special shapes.

The ss wire screen is primary filter material for fabricating of gaskets, demisters, eliminators, breathers, mufflers and other kinds of liquid gas separator filters. Various forms of supply include cylinder, round disc, ring, oval, rectangular and circular pad, and special shapes. 304 stainless steel knitted wire mesh of SWG Gauge 36 is popular for USA Market.

Mesh Structures:
The final knitted mesh is in the structure of inter-connecting loops, and it similar to a long knit sock. We can produce monofilament wire, multi-filament, co-knit and multi-strand knitted wire meshes.
Wire diameter commonly ranges from 0.11mm to 0.35mm. For special applications, knit wire as small as 0.03mm or as large as 0.8mm in diameter is available.

SS 304 Knitted Wire Mesh Rolls: Material for making demister pad and seperators.

Material: 304 stainless steel
Wire Diameter: 0.274 mm
Width: 550 mm 570 mm wide
Width: 450 mm wide +/- 10 mm
Width: 350 mm wide +/- 10 mm
Width: 300 mm wide +/- 10 mm

Wire Diameter: 0.20 mm
Hole mesh 6/inch or 50-60 hole mesh per feet
Size: 30 m x 1.2m x 0.2mm

This monofilament wire 304 mesh is demister material. Suitable for making of demister pads of following sizes:

Demister Size and weight: 2'x4'x100mm thickness
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Bulk Density: 144kg/m3
Demister pad will be made up of Monofilament wire (0.28mm dia) duly knitted and crimped
Demister form: Single piece pad
Pad will be suitably oversized to ensure a snug fit inside the wheel
AISI 304 Wire Mesh Continous Knitted, 6 Meshes for Circular Mist Eliminator Manufacture

Material : AISI 304 wire mesh
Type: Continuous knitted type, 6 meshes per linear inch
Wire Diameter:
SWG36 (wire dia 0.193mm);
SWG30 (Wire dia 0.315mm)
Packing: In bundles. 100mm width rolled into a cylinder of weight appx. 2.5 to 5kgs
Engineering Wire Mesh Knitted 309, Materials for Mesh Gasket and Sealings

Material: Stainless steel SS309
Wire Diameter: 0.20mm
Hole Dimension: Size hole mesh 6 / inch or 50 -60 hole mesh  per feet
Size: 30m x 1.2 m x 0.2mm

Standard Type Knitted mesh of 6-12 Stitches, Engine Breather Materials

Material: Stainless Steel AISI304, 316, 321, 430
Wire Dia.: 0.25mm -0.28mm
Stitches: Number of stitches horizontally and vertically on the length of 50 mm = 6-12 stitches.
Web netting width should be not less than 1000mm.

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20 Reinforcing Galvanized Steel Stucco Mesh Selling Miss_Emily_Miller.htmlMiss Emily Miller 18 Apr 2017, 01:00

Reinforcing Galvanized Steel Stucco Mesh

Stucco netting, also known as plaster mesh, normally refers to hexagonal mesh woven wire netting for construction uses. This metal wire netting has normal aperture of 1'' and 2', made from galvanized wire gauge 22- 20. Galvanised stucco lathing hex netting is reverse twist weave to keep high standards, uniform mesh hole, roll out flatness and dimensional stability. It is supplied in woven wire rolls of various length of 25', 50', 75', 150', or 455', with red markings every 6". Stucco netting can be supplied cut into steel mesh sheets of certain length. It find popular applications in constructions as building materials: reinforcement of first coat stucco system, backing for masonry veneer, ceramic tile and cement plastering, and EIFS lathing and insulation system.

Material: High quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, and PVC coated wire, PE wire.
Type: Welded mesh.
MOQ:1 sets.
Surface Treatment: Electro galvanized or Hot dip galvanized, PVC coated.
Technique: Welded.

General Introduction:

Material: Galvanized Steel Wire.
Wire Diameter: BWG 22-20.
Roll width: 12'', 24'', 36'', 48'', 60'', 72''.
Roll length: 25', 50', 75', 150', or 455"
Popular aperture: 1'' and 2''.
Weight: 9kg-48kg or as required.
Woven Method: Straight & Reverse Twist.
Feature: Galvanized before weaving. Commercial grade zinc coating to resists rust and corrosion. Reverse twist weave designed to keep high standards, uniform mesh hole, stay flat and dimensionally stable.

Varieties :  
Non-fur Stucco Netting, Galvanized Mesh Woven in Rolls;
Paperback Stucco Netting Woven 17 gauge /Building Paper Backing;
Self-furred Stucco Netting;
Stucco Hexagonal Netting 20G, Galvanized Woven.

Galvanised stucco mesh is extensively used in building as backing and reinforcement for plaster, masonry veneer and ceramic tile in construction of the roof, floor and exterial wall insulation construction.

Paperback Stucco Netting:
Zinc coated, galvanized woven hexagonal netting with water vapor permeable paper backing. It is designed for use as reinforcement for cement, plaster, masonry veneer and ceramic tile. Self-furring woven wire hexagonal mesh in rolls, formed with a twist of galvanized steel wire.

Material: Galvanized Steel Wire.
Wire Diameter: BWG 22-20
Mesh Roll Width: 12'', 24'', 36'', 48'', 60'', 72''
Roll length: 25', 50', 75', 150', or 455'
Stucco netting aperture: 1'' and 2''
Roll weight: 9kg-48kg or as required.

Woven Method: Straight & Reverse Twist:
Feature: Galvanized before weaving. Commercial grade zinc coating to resists rust and corrosion. Reverse twist weave keep high standards, uniform mesh hole, roll out flatness and dimensional stability.

Fabricated process:
Drawn Wire ---> Galvanized ---> Woven---> Packing.

Packaging Detail: in 20'/GP and 40'/GP, coil in skin packing, carton box, wooden box or as your required.

Options of Stucco Wire Meshes:
Besides hexagonal mesh, we also supply welded mesh and expanded mesh used for wall plastering mesh uses.

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21 Plastic Painted Hexagonal Nets Selling Miss_Emily_Miller.htmlMiss Emily Miller 18 Apr 2017, 00:59

Plastic Painted Hexagonal Nets

Powder coated hot dip galvanized hexagonal chicken wire mesh

Wire diameter:0.6--1.2mm
Mesh size:1/2" 3/4" 1"  2"  3"
Surface treatment: PVC coated, electro galvanized and hot galvanized
It can be customized as your request

Green PVC coated chicken wire netting is the most popular poultry fence and garden fencing wire material. The green PVC coating layer gives both beautiful decoration and corrosion resistance to the mesh surface. The hole patterns are hexagonal.

Technical Details of Plastic Painted Hexagonal Nets:
Material: Iron wire
Surface Treatment: Green plastic powder coating
Production process:
First PVC wire, then weaving
First weaving, then PVC coated mesh

Weaving pattern for Hex Mesh:
1) continuous twist, it also called normal twist.
2) reverse twist

Green Coated Hex Mesh in Normal Twist
Roll Width:   0.5M-2.0M
Roll Length: as the customer's demands
The specific sizes can be done according to customers request.

Reverse Twist Hex Mesh
Roll Width:   0.5M-2.0M
Roll Length: as the customer's demands
The specific sizes can be done according to customers request.

1) corrosion- resistant, rust-resistant.
2) oxidation -resistant, good tensile strength.
3) uniform mesh size, flat and even mesh surface, weave tightly.

Hex Mesh Poultry Netting Fence for Rabbit and Chicken, offers Prolonged Service Life through PVC Coating Protection. Normally the wire diameter covers BWG27 to BWG14, Hexagonal Holes Sizes ranges from 3/8" (10mm) to 4"  (100mm). Available in roll size : 0.5-2m width x 10m/30m/50m/100m/800m length.

PVC coated hexagonal mesh finds the following applications:
Structural support purposes and heat insulation (for construction of ceilings, boilers)
Pipe wrapping ( in petrolium) and isolation purposes
Indicator & protection for underground cables and pipes, windows protection
Light fencing applications, fishing, poultry farm, sugar industry
Rubber industry , rockwool blanket industry.
Poultry & animal housing, Crop protection: making of fruit cages, garden protection fence, rabbit control trellis.
Stucco netting in construction,   reinforcement pavement mesh in road.

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22 Galvanized Welded Mesh Hardware Cloth Selling Miss_Emily_Miller.htmlMiss Emily Miller 17 Apr 2017, 14:56

Galvanized Welded Mesh Hardware Cloth

Welded mesh screen has flat even surface and welded firm structure, used for building materials, construction, fencing, agriculture, industry, mining, fishing, poultry, runway enclosures, draining rack, fruit drying screen, and other uses. Through high-precision processing, the end products of square or rectangular opening steel mesh hardware cloth is level, rust-resistant and flat with sturdy structure.

Galvanized and Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Mesh, Square Hole Wire Mesh Industrial Screen Cloth, supplied in rolls or panels. Surface finishes can be Electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, PVC powder or enamel coated galvanized, and stainless steel.

Electro galvanized mesh (welded before galvanized, welded after galvanized)
Hot-dipped galvanized mesh (welded before galvanized, welded after galvanized)
PVC coated mesh (wire dia. of  PVC is about 0.4mm)
Galvanized welded mesh has a good resistance to corrosion. Zinc coating can reach 200g/m2.

Production treating:  
Hot dipped galvanizing after weaving
Weaving with hot dipped galvanized iron wire
Electric galvanizing after weaving
Weaving with electric galvanized iron wire
Galvanized then PVC coated
Concrete reinforcing bars.

High intensity anti-high temperature.
Better strength and strong integration
Flat & even surface and strong structure
Anti-rust property

PVC Powder Coated or Painted Galvanized Welded Mesh Fence Panels:
Made of quality welded low carbon steel wire mesh galvanized before, then coated with PVC powder or PE powder. The coated layer is even, strong adhere siveness and bright luster with long live good anti-corrosive property. All kinds of colors can be coated according to customers' special requirements. Widely used as garden fence, playground fence and temporary control fence.

Welded Mesh Panels Used for Fabricating Wire Shelves, Rackings, Containers and Cages:
Welded steel mesh panels are popularly used for fabricating of various industrial mesh products, mainly:
Welded Mesh Shelves;
Wire Racks;
Wire Mesh Shelves;
Pallet Racks;
Wire Containers for Storages;
Security Lockers;
Security Cages and more.

Various sizes of panels are available for making custom size single or multi-layer chicken wire cages.
Technical Requirements for Making Chicken Wire Cage Panels:
The opening holes sizes are up to the eggs minor axis and the chicken feet sizes. The mesh grid should not be too close, otherwise, it will affect fecal leakage. Small hole cages will need more wire mesh material in manufacture and will also raise the cost of chicken wire cages.

Warp wire and weft wire diameter:

The bottom warp wire mesh spacing should not be greater than 2/3 of the minor axis of eggs 2/3, and generally 24 to 26 mm; weft spacing should not be greater than2/3 of the length of the chicken feet, should normally be less than 50 mm.
The bottom wire mesh panel is an important part of the chicken feeding cages, it will not only withstand the weight of the chicken, but also make eggs from hens easily rolled into the front tanks under the cages with no damages to the eggs. At the same time, the bottom wire mesh will allow majority of the stool leak into the ground, reducing wire mesh cages pollution. The mesh holes shall also ensure easy catching of the chicken wire, stable and comfortable standing and walking of the chicken.

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23 Black Vinyl Coating Galvanized Chicken Wire Selling Miss_Emily_Miller.htmlMiss Emily Miller 17 Apr 2017, 14:55

Black Vinyl Coating Galvanized Chicken Wire

PVC vinyle coated plastic black green white chicken wire netting.

20 Gauge Galvanized and black vinyl coated Poultry Wire Netting.

Powder Coated Steel Wire Mesh for Poultry Fencing / Chicken Fencing / Rabbit Fencing and Garden Fencing: PVC or Vinyl Coating.
Green Vinyl Coated Steel Wire Poultry Perimeter Fencing.
Black Vinyl / Plastic Coated Mild Steel Wire Mesh, Suitable for Rabbit Netting Fencing, Made of Galvanized Iron Wire.

Vinyl coated chicken wire is supplied in popular black color, made of galvanized steel wire with powder coating. Supplied in rolls of 24 inch x 150 feet, 48 inch x 410 feet, 72 inch width x 150 feet. Chicken wire sizes are 13mm mesh and 20mm mesh in hexagonal opening twisted with 18 gauge or 20 gauge galvanized wire.

18 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Galvanized Steel Chicken Wire Hex Mesh: Processing, Features and Roll Sizes.

Processing: 18 or 20 gauge galvanized core wire is woven into hex netting and coated with black PVC material. The wire mesh goes through a high temperature heating process to finish the vinyl coating to the chicken wire.

Features: The black vinyl chicken netting has an approximate 18 gauge thickness after the pvc finished and it has a very good corrosion resistant. Inhibitors in the vinyl protect it from UV degradation. The vinyl/plastic coating has a extreme resistant to cracking, chipping and weathering as the thick coating is tightly bonded to the wire. Black color makes the mesh blend in the landscape. This long-lasting mesh works well in a variety of applications like surrounding the home or farm, including bird pens and garden fence.

Vinyl coated wire mesh rolls: in roll width and length: in inch and feet:
24 inch x 50 feet, 36 inch x 50 feet, 48 inch x 50 feet, 12 inch x 150 feet, 18 inch x 150 feet, 24 inch x 150 feet, 36 inch x 150 feet, 48 inch x 150 feet, 60 inch x 150 feet, 72 inch x 150 feet, 84 inch x 150 feet, 90 inch x 100 feet.

Vinyl coated hex netting is made up of tightly twisted hexagonal mesh by using the perfect quality iron wire. It is usually in green and black color thus presenting a beautiful appearance. Vinyl coated steel wire netting has longer serves life than heavily Galvanized wire.

Usage: It is widely used for breeding chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, and also act as fencing in zoo, machinery equipment's protection, speedway's fencing, landscape green belt protection mesh on the road. Vinyl powder coated mesh wire is perfect for the construction of a smaller or larger zoo. Also can be used for rabbit fencing to protect your organic garden from rascally rabbits.

Note: The thickness of Powder Coating is usually 0.2-0.4mm, with arranged as per buyers request.

Package: Normally each roll is packed in water proof paper, then in termal foil (Shrink Plastic).

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24 Hot Dipped Galvanised Iron Hexagonal Wire Netting Selling Miss_Emily_Miller.htmlMiss Emily Miller 17 Apr 2017, 14:54

Hot Dipped Galvanised Iron Hexagonal Wire Netting

5m x 600mm x 25mm Chicken Wire Mesh Hexagonal Hot dipped Galvanised Netting Roll

Galvanized hexagonal mesh is made of low carbon iron wire, galvanized or hot-dip zinc plated before or after weaving. Chicken hex wire netting is firm in structure and has flat surface. It is extensively used in CONSTRUCTUONS AS REINFORCING MESH for light reinforcement in splinter proof glass and cement concrete, plastering and paving of roads. It is also used as Fence for Poultry Cage, Fishing, Garden and Children playground.

Chicken hex netting (3/4" hex) made of 19AWG or 20 BWG for poultry farms building (poultry shed and chicken housing).

Tensile Strength and Wire Treatment for Hex Wires.
Heavy Mesh Hexagonal Wire is made with low carbon galvanized wire woven after galv. or galvanized after weaving. The tensile strength of the whole chicken wire fabric is not less than 38kg/m2.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Mesh, Made with Zinc Plating Protective Layer, for Outdoor Fencing Enclosure.
Requirements for the wire material as follows:
Steel wire grade (Q195, Q235 or Q345) available. Zinc coating available (g/m2) varies according to customers requirements. The paint coat (PVC / Plastic ) meeting UV resistance standard.
The wire diameter applied is up to 2.0mm-3.2mm.
Wire surface is usually with zinc galvanized protection. The galvanized protective layer thickness can be made according to customer requirement. The amount of zinc can be reached to 300g/m2.
Galvanized wire :0.5mm-3mm
Opening: 3/8''-3''
Size feet :3'x100'.
Variety according to weaving:
Pvc powder coated hexagonal mesh, straight twist weave;
Reverse twist;
Double twist.

Electro Galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanised Chicken Wire Netting, Further PVC or Vinyl Coat Painting Available.
Two galvanizing forms: Electro gal. or hot dipped zinc coating galvanised.
Common specifications:
Wire diameter: BWG17-27
Mesh roll width:0.2m-2.0m
Roll length:30m-60m.

Comparison of Galvanised Hex Netting and PVC Powder Coated Gal. Hex Netting:

Galvanised chicken netting costs low than powder coated chicken wire;
Coated chicken mesh gives beautiful color options;
Pvc or vinyl powder coated mesh serves longer time than galvanized iron wire netting.
Pls choose according to specific uses and budget.

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25 Stainless Steel Rating Chicken Wire Mesh Selling Miss_Emily_Miller.htmlMiss Emily Miller 17 Apr 2017, 14:49

Stainless Steel Rating Chicken Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Chicken Wire is mainly used in below fields:

1) Electric power, petroleum, boiler, high or low temperature resistant, corrosion resistant.
2) Tableware, cabinet, cutting tool, boiler, auto part.
3) Medical instruments, building materials, food industry.
4) Sea, chemical industry and machine manufacture.Or they can be made upon negotiation.

Alkali and acid resistant hexagonal Stainless Steel Mesh is made of stainless steel wire rating 304, 305, 306 or 316. SS hexagonal mesh enjoys excellent corrosion resistance suitable for long term uses. Popular size: 100 foot (32 meter) length and 1 meter or 72" width rolls. Stainless steel hexagonal wire are used for architectural uses as metal mesh curtains or draperies, decorative mesh, and protective fence, chicken and poultry fence, both indoors and outdoors. It also can be used as pipe wrapping in petroleum and chemical industries.

Stainless Steel Finish Chicken Mesh, For Poultry Netting, Hexagonal Twisted, Rust Proof Metal Cloth Fabrics.

Material: Stainless steel wire AISI302, 304, 316, etc.
Hole Shape: Hexagon, six-sided openings.
Aperture: 1/2'' 3/4'' 1'' 1.5'' 2''
Wire Gauge: BWG12--BWG27
Weaving Patterns: Straight twist, reverse twist, double twist.
Twisted Hexagonal Wire, from SS Wire 316, Rust-free Netting Cloth for Decoration and Poultry Fencing Uses:

Twisting Illustration of Stainless Steel Chicken Mesh on the Weaving Machine: Stainless steel mesh cloth is found in furniture, cabinet mesh, gopher control, pet exclusion, mole control, arts and crafts, decorative surface treatments, garden and lighting applications, farming, etc. The wire materials are NOT PLATED, but are from pure stainless steel wire.

Wire diameter: Ranging from 19 gauge (1 mm wire) to 22 gauge (0.7 mm).

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26 Galvanized Hexagonal Hole Chicken Wire Selling Miss_Emily_Miller.htmlMiss Emily Miller 17 Apr 2017, 14:48

Galvanized Hexagonal Hole Chicken Wire

Normal or Reverse Twist Hexagonal Chicken Wire Mesh/3/4" hole size galvanized hexagonal chicken wire.

Electro Galvanized before Weaving
Electro Galvanized After Weaving
Hot Dipped Galvanized before Weaving
Hot Dipped Galvanized after Weaving
PVC Coated Before or After Weaving
Stainless Steel Wire
Galvanized Drawn Iron Wire

Popular Hexagonal Net Chicken Netting Types:
Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel 1/2" - 1" aperture Hexagonal Chicken Wire;
1-1/2" PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire. 100 - 1000 feet roll length.
Used for construction of chicken poultry fences.
Common Specifications: Aperture in Inch x Aperture in Metric Unit mm x Mesh Roll Width x Roll Length.

Processing, Application and Sizes of Galvanized Iron Hex Chicken Net Cloth:
Galvanised hex mesh chicken wire is divided into: electro galv. and hot dipped galv. woven mesh cloth. The core wire is mild steel wire or carbon steel wire. Zinc coating for electro galvanized wire is 15g-30g/㎡ and zinc coating quantity for hot dipped wire mesh is 30g-100g/㎡.
Galvanized carbon steel chicken poultry wire cloth is used for protecting poultry and livestocks. Also used in machinery protection, fences for road, railway, etc. Heavy galvanized chicken wire can be made into gabions to hold stones and sand against the flood to protect the bank, hillside, bridge and other related civil engineering.

Hot Dipped Green Vinyl Coated Chicken Wire Mesh with a Hexagonal Hole at Maximum of 50mm or 2 inch;
Hexagonal Chicken Mesh with Bilateral Wire Reinforcement.

Processing: galvanized after weave and galvanized before weave.
Twist type: normal twist or reverse twist with reinforcing.

Galvanized chicken wire sizes:

Common hole size / wire: 13mm/0.7mm, 16mm/0.7mm, 20mm/0.7mm, 25mm/0.8mm, 40mm/0.9mm, 50mm/1.0mm, 75mm/1.2mm, 75mm/1.4mm, 100mm/1.6mm.
Width: 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m.
Length: 10m, 25m, 50m, or cut it to your desired length packed in rolls.

Assortments Available for Chicken Wire Netting:
Electro Galvanized before Weaving
Electro Galvanized After Weaving
Hot Dipped Galvanized before Weaving
Hot Dipped Galvanized after Weaving
PVC Coated Before or After Weaving
Stainless Steel Chicken Mesh.

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Product Video (Youtube, Youku, etc):



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28 Nylon Mesh Sleeve Selling Miss_Aimee_Aaron.htmlMiss Aimee Aaron 24 Mar 2017, 05:23

Nylon Mesh Sleeve

Nylon Mesh Sleeves expand easily and enjoy great abrasion resistance, fire-retardance and thermal insulation property. Protective and insulation sleeves used for computer power cord, audio-video, automotive, aviation, wire and cable industries. Nylon mesh is flame resistant and its working temperature ranges from -50~+150C and the Melting Point is 250C.

We produce the following:
14mm fire resistant nylon mesh expandable sleeve;
Expandable braided Nylon mesh sleeve;
Expandable braided nylon mesh sleeve
Breathable expandable mesh sleeve
Breathable expandable mesh sleeve.

14mm fire resistant nylon mesh expandable sleeve

Protective computer power cord sleeve
Flame retardant expandable sleeve is braided by environment-friendly polyester monofilament (PET, PA6, PA66, PPS). It possesses good flexibility, fire resistance, abrasive resistance and thermal insulation performance. The sleeving owns smooth surface, bright color, various patterns. Impervious to mold or mildew, breathable & will not retain water, lightweight, expandable and flexible, high abrasion resistance, uv resistance, available for casting and spinning rod.

Breathable expandable mesh sleeve is sleeved by the polyester silk knitting. It has a good scalability, flame retardant, wear resistance and thermal insulation. Used in computer power cord, audio-video, automotive, aviation, wire and cable industries. It can protect and decorate the wire. Colors according to customer demands, including patterns and all kinds of UV fluorescence color.

We adopt the new and invironmental nylon, processed through scientific distribution and advanced technology.
Material: Environmental and nonpoisonous PET material
Application: To protect and to tighten the computer lines or other wires
Fire-protection rating: ULVW-1
Temperature: -50oC~+150oC
Melting point:230oC±5oC

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29 Nylon Insect Screen Selling Miss_Aimee_Aaron.htmlMiss Aimee Aaron 24 Mar 2017, 05:22

Nylon Insect Screen         

Soft nylon insect screen is anti-burning and easy washing.

We can produce window screen and door screening material with nylon polyester yarn, under the process of plastic-coating, plain weaving, and high temperature-fixing. The nylon mesh screen is mainly used in constructions as sunshading screen and insect screening for doors or windows. It is also used for cars windows to block the sunshine. The nylon mesh can effectively keep out bugs and insects while offer good air flow. The netting fabric has anti-UV rays property and can protect the family from strong sunlight.

Window screening is widly used for window and corridors to prevent insects from bugging you. The specification include 14X14 mesh, 16X14 mesh, 16X16 mesh, 18X16 mesh, 18X18 mesh, 18X14 mesh, and the wire diameter generally is BWG31 or BWG32.

Nylon Insect Screen, Mosquito Screen:  
Colors: black, gray, gray& white, white, blue, red, green,
Weight: 110g/m2, 115g/m2, 120g/m2, 125g/m2, 130g/m2, 150g/m2, 180g/m2
Mesh Size: 18x16mesh, 18x14mesh, 16x16mesh, 18x18mesh, 20x20mesh, 20x18mesh, 16x14mesh, 14x14mesh
Width: 0.61m, 0.71m, 0.76m, 0.81m, 0.9144m, 1.00m, 1.22m, 1.524m, 1.83m, 2.00m, 2.20m, 2.40m
Packing: 6rolls/cartons; 8rolls/cartons; 10rolls/cartons, 10rolls/ PVC weaving bag etc.
Plastic Netting Keeping Out Mosquito
Other specification at request.

Nylon Mesh Used as Car Sun Screen for Rear Windows

The mesh screen for cars windows are designed with suction cups to attach to the windows. Offering Anti-UV properties.
Color: black or white nylon netting (according to your request)
Size: 100x50cm
Packaging each piece with a polybag and two suction cups + carton
Logo: Logo printing is available
OEM: OEM is available.


1. Easy to attach to the window with suction cups;
2. Light and soft material, easy to fold and carry;
3. Anti-UV rays and protect your family from strong sunlight when driving;
4. Can lower the temperature inside the car and makes you comfortable in hot days;
5. Excellent quality at a reasonable price.

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30 Knotless Nylon Net Selling Miss_Aimee_Aaron.htmlMiss Aimee Aaron 24 Mar 2017, 05:21

Knotless Nylon Net

Made by nylon or PE virgin material, used for fish farms and aquaculture.

Nylon Knotless Net
Material: Nylon, Polyester, Pe
Thickness Of Thread: 210d/2ply - 180ply
Mesh Size: 4mm - 200mm
Depth: 10md - 1200md.
Length: 10m - 500m.
Colour: Your Option.

We produce the following:

Pe Knotless Nylon Fish Nets
Knotless Nylon Monofilament Bird Net For Catching Bird
Nylon Multifilament Knotless Net
PE Knotless Nylon Fish Nets
Knotless Nylon Bird Net
Anti-bird PE netting

Aquaculture Netting


Material is new HDPE and UV.
Type: knotted , knotting.
Color: white, blue, green, red, etc.
Weight :8-120g/m2
Twine Type: Twisted Twine, Braided Twine.
Mesh Length:1m up
Mesh Depth: 5md up
Twine Size: 5mm
Colours: Green, Black , Dark green , Yellow, gray, Blue and whiteor by requirements.

Knotless Nylon Monofilament bird net used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas.
Anti-bird netting can be used as garden bird netting, bird netting for fruit trees, straw bird netting, bird netting for grapes, vineyard bird netting, fish farms, pools. We can offer good quality anti bird netting of plastic knitted mesh. It is good flexibility, high tensile strength, aging resistance, anti-erosion, etc.

Material:100% Pure Virgin HDPE Mono. with UV Stabilized & Igranox.
Length: 1m-500m as per requirement.
Width: 1m-15m as per requirement.
Mesh type: square, diamond, hexagonal.
Weight: (g/m2 ) 15g, 17g, 20g, 30g, 35g, 40g, 45g, 50g, 60g, etc.
Color: Green, Black, White, Red or as per requirement.
Weight:15g-300g/square meters or as per requirement.

Feature: Strong, durable lockstitch technology that resist tearing, fraying, stretching, and sagging, The nets will not unravel or ladder even when punctured, Light weight for easy handling and positioning.

Nylon Multifilament Knotless Net

1) Type: raschel knotless net
2) Material: polyester or Nylon
3) Twine:210D/4-400ply
4) Mesh size:3/8"-7"
Detailed Product Description
1) Type: raschel knotless net
2) Material: polyester or Nylon
3) Twine:210D/4-400ply
4) Mesh size:3/8"-7"
5) Width:50MD-1200MD
6) Length:100yards or as requirement
7) Color: blue or as your requirement
8) Treatment: with or without resin

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31 Nylon Mesh Tube Selling Miss_Aimee_Aaron.htmlMiss Aimee Aaron 24 Mar 2017, 05:20

Nylon Mesh Tube

Nylon mesh tubes are pressure tubes used for air, water and oil steaming pipelines of automobiles forklifts, engineering machines, diesel engines and assembly line production.

We manufacturer 50 micron nylon screen filter mesh tube.

Material:100% nylon (polyester or Silk, Chinlon are also available upon request)
Weaving: Plain weave
Mesh Count: 10-460
Aperture: 100 micron
Thread Diameter: 55micron (Weave 1:1)
Opening: 67%
Thickness: 103±6 micron meter
Theoretical Ink: 67 m3/m2
Weight: 28 g/sqm
Max. Width: 368cm (144")
Color: white, black and yellow (available upon request) polyester screen mesh.

General Technical Information:
100% HDPE+UV stablished, 385g/m2
Hexagonal hole, Opening: 3.5cm.
Material: PA-11, PA-12
Size: 6*1,8*1,5*1,10*1.25,12*1.5,14*1.5,16*1.5
Color: Red, natural, black, yellow

We produce the following:
50 micron nylon screen filter mesh tube.
Fence Decorative Nylon Mesh Fabric Tube.
Nylon mesh woven tube sleeve.

1) High flixibility and good bending
2) Hard to be Burned
3) Anti-acid
4) Anti-oil
5) Glossy surface
6) Good chemical resistance to ammonium hydroxide, some alcohol, benzene, essential oils, fats, grease, betones and toluene.

50 micron nylon screen filter mesh tube
Material: 100% nylon
Weaving: Plain weave
Mesh Count: 4T~140T mesh/cm (10mesh~355 mesh/inch)
Max. Width: 365cm (143 inch)
Color: White (Customized)
Mesh Opening:30-1500um.

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32 Nylon Filter Mesh Selling Miss_Aimee_Aaron.htmlMiss Aimee Aaron 24 Mar 2017, 05:19

Nylon Filter Mesh

Nylon mesh is widely used in liquid and air filtering, mainly textile printing and dyeing, printing plate, electronic printing, ceramics, glass printing and other industries. Supplied in two forms of processing: needlefelt or woven mesh fabric.

1. Nylon filter mesh offers high durability and best tensility: all threads are the best domestic or imported.
2. Nice appearance, standard size
3.Clean and smooth: the nylon fabric never fades and gets jammed.

We provide polyester mesh for screen printing with a mesh variety of 60mesh/ inch,80mesh, inch 100mesh/ inch,110mesh/ inch,120mesh/ inch,135mesh/ inch,160mesh/ inch,180mesh/ inch,200mesh/ inch,230mesh/ inch,250mesh/ inch,280mesh/ inch,305mesh/ inch,355mesh/ inch,380mesh/ inch,420mesh/ inch.
Width of polyester printing mesh:
Max. width: 3200mm.
We may also take orders to produce polyester fiber mesh with other special requirements.

Material : PP, PO, PE, NMO, PTFE.
Usage : Liquid Filter
Cloth : Needlefelt or Woven Mesh.
Size : Standard or Customized.
Ring Material : Plastic (PP/PO/PE) or SS (Stainless Steel) or Carbon Steel or Zinc Steel.
Method : Welded or Sewn.
Surface treatment: Singed finished and glazed finish.
Application: Automotive, Food and Beverage, Resins and Coatings, Electronics, Oil and Gas, Municipal Water, Industrial Water, Pulp and Paper.

We produce the following:

Nylon Filter Mesh, Washable Filter.
Air Condition Nylon Mesh Air Filter, Pre Filter Panel Filter .
Air conditioning Nylon mesh filter.
100 Micron Nylon Filter Mesh Fabric.
Polypropylene Filter Nylon Mesh.

Material: 100% Nylon, Width:1.27cm,1.45cm,3.2cm, Micron:6micron to 2000micron.
Nylon filter mesh specifications:
1) Material: polyamide (PA6/PA66)
2) Mesh count: 22 mesh/ inch
3) Thread diameter:0.30mm+ 0.035mm
4) Thickness: 0.540mm+ 0.040mm
5) Mesh opening:0.800mm+ 0.055mm
6) Open area:55%+ 10%

Nylon Filter Mesh Cloth 200 Mesh Filter Rating
60 Micron Nylon Filter Mesh Fabric.
Material: 100% nylon, polyester available.
Weaving: Plain weave, Twill weave available.
Mesh Count: 6~200 mesh/cm (16mesh~500 mesh/inch).
Max. width: 365cm (143inch).
Color: white, yellow, black.
Mono filament or Double filament.
We can provide products in special specifications according our customers.

Nylon Mesh Cloth For Air Conditioning Filter:
PP Material, 335mmx260mm, Usage: air filter.

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33 Nylon Screen Printing Mesh Selling Miss_Aimee_Aaron.htmlMiss Aimee Aaron 24 Mar 2017, 05:19

Nylon Screen Printing Mesh

Nylon Screen Printing Mesh is woven or knitted from heat treated polyester yarn of a single strand. The extruded thread is the spun to a precise diameter.

Nylon mesh for screen printing/filtration
ISO 9001:2008 Certified management system by SGS
meet FDA Standard
Feature : industrial filtration and separation

Nylon monofilament mesh is plain weaving, materials is PA6 and PA66, good heat setting and washing, without silicon and heavy metal, quality can meet FDA standard, widely used in all kinds of industrial filtration and separation, such as chemicals, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, ect., which can be made into filter bags, insert plastic mould filter, ect.

Nylon Screen Printing Mesh
Conventional monofilament polyester screen fabric will elongate under tension: the higher the tension level, the more the thread can stretch. At excessive tension levels, the thread reaches its "plastic deformation" point, and the screen will no longer hold tension. Nylon fabric with high tension and low elongation property becomes ideal substitute for the traditional monofilament polyester printing screen.

Specification: 6T-165T (15mesh-420mesh)
Color: yellow, white, black
Width: 0.6m-3.6m
Packing: PVC bag, carton, paper tube
Features: Low elongation, high tension strength.

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34 Construction Scaffolding Safety Net Selling Miss_Aimee_Aaron.htmlMiss Aimee Aaron 24 Mar 2017, 05:17

Construction Scaffolding Safety Net

Factory supply low price colorful Construction scaffolding safety netting is widely used in various construction sites especially for high-rise buildings by enabling wholly sealed construction, scaffold safety protection, debris protection; work high above ground, power station, ship, water construction and various working sites.

Construction scafold safety net prevents the people or articles from falling down, or to avoid possible harms caused by falling articles and to protect the workers in high places and the passing pedestrians, also to keep the site clean.

Construction Safety Net also named Debris Netting, is the minimum safety device to be installed in temporary or mobile construction sites. Where there are scaffolding in areas open to the public, it must be appropriately enclosed using a scaffold protection covering net, to ensure building site people safety. A wrap knitted nylon or plastic netting is usally applied with strong durability and high tension strength. It is lightweight and flexible, easy to handle and easy to install.

We specialize in manufacturing high quality safety netting with different color, size and weight.

Scaffold building construction safety net
Raw material:100% new HDPE +masterbatch+UV
Standard width: As client's requirement but the 6.5m more we need to join
Standard length As client's requirement
Shade rate: 20%~95%
Using age: 3~5 years
Color available client's requirement
Exported to: America, Europe, Min east etc

Detail types following:

HDPE construction scaffolding safety net
Orange HDPE Debris Safety Net
Flame retardant nylon nets
Green Color Plastic Netting For Building Protection

Construction Nets Technical Information:
Marterial: polythene, polypropylene, chinlon, nylon 6 fibre.
Weaving and characteristics: The longitudinal mesh is hamulus weaving by knitting machine. Horizontal mesh is made by machine and manpower.
Nylon mesh for construction safety enjoys high ability of protection, convenience using and lower cost etc.
Color : Green, Blue, Orange, and other colors avaible upon request.

Uses: Used in the construction of building and the peripheral net of the temporary construction.

Common Specifications:
1. Roll length:1.8m
2. Roll width:6.0m
3. Roll weight:2kg/piece-6kg/piece
4. Thread or Yarn Diameter:17mm-26mm.

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35 High Tension Nylon Mesh Selling Miss_Aimee_Aaron.htmlMiss Aimee Aaron 24 Mar 2017, 05:16

High Tension Nylon Mesh

High tension nylon mesh nettings enjoy strong wear resistance but weak acid and alkali resistance. The nylon fabric is used in a wide range of different fields, such as the medical and pharmaceutical industries, filtration, acoustic, automotive, milling and many other applications. Mostly, nylon nets are supplied in the range of 10 to 330 mesh / inch, 40 to 550 micron thread diameter, 65 to 950 micron thickness, 37 to 1950 micron aperture. Custom sizes welcome.

Fuxiang popular nylon products cover the following types:
1) 40um high tension micron monofilament nylon mesh;
2) Nylon High Tension Silk Screen Printing Mesh;
3) Food grade high tension smooth surface nylon 1000 micron mesh fabric;
4) 550 micron high tension nylon mesh fabric.
5) Micron high tension nylon screen mesh filter

Nylon Mesh for Printing Uses
Color: Yellow, red, white, black and other colors
Use: Printing and dyeing
Specifications: 80-500 mesh / inch

High Tension Nylon Mesh for Medicine Sieve Screening
Color: White
Use: Pharmaceutical
Specifications: 6-40 mesh / inch

High Tension Nylon Fabric for Air-conditioning Netting
Colors: Black and white
Use: Air-conditioning filter

Dutch Woven High Tension Nylon Mesh
Opening: 30 * 60 mesh, 30 * 80 mesh, 30 * 90 mesh, 30 * 100 mesh, 30 * 120 mesh
Used as conveyor belt or mesh covering for tubes.

High tension micron monofilament nylon mesh.

Material: 100% nylon (polyester available if needed)
Weaving: Plain weave (Twill weave available if needed)
Mesh Count: 4T~140T mesh/cm (13mesh~355 mesh/inch)
Max. width: 365cm (143inch)
Color: white/yellow/black
Monofilament or Doublefilament.

165cm 100t-40um high tension micron monofilament nylon mesh

Wear resistance;
Corrosion resistance;
Good resilience;
High capability of gathering dust;
Low initial resistance;
Repeatedly used after washing;
Weak acid and alkali resistance.

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36 Razor Wire Flatwrap Selling Miss_Lin_Da.htmlMiss Lin Da 19 Mar 2017, 00:21

Razor Wire Flatwrap

Razor wire flatwrap is a series of razor wire coils clipped into the panel forms for fencing and security purpose. Made into 500mm or 900mm high normally.

Material: hot galvanzied
Blade type: BTO or CBT
Coil diameter:450mm-900mm

Razor wire flatwrap is installed against an existing smooth wire mesh fence and substantially improves the effectiveness of the fence. Installed on this basis, innocent persons are protected from injury by the smooth wire mesh. 500 mm high razor wire flatwrap fitted to our welded mesh fence provides a neat but effective barrier fencing.

Installation of razor wire flatwrap is particularly simple when it is fitted by overlapping the fence mesh. 900 mm razor wire flatwrap installed to a brick wall provides a high barrier.

Flat wrap coils will substantially improve the effectiveness of the fence. Installed on this basis, innocent persons are protected from injury by the smooth wire mesh fence while the potential intruders will get frightened back.
he flat coils provide a neat but effective barrier when used together with mesh fences.
Flat wrap coil installation is particularly simple when it is fitted by overlapping the fence mesh.
It provides a high barrier when mounted to the wall.

Razor wire flat wrap coils are made of high tensile razor wire, clapped into a flat panel formation.
Installation Forms
Flat wrap coils can be used in the following forms:
Installed against the existing smooth wire mesh fence;
Fitted to the welded mesh fence;
Fitted by overlapping the fence mesh;
Installed to the brick wall directly.

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37 Single Coil Razor Wire Selling Miss_Lin_Da.htmlMiss Lin Da 19 Mar 2017, 00:20

Single Coil Razor Wire

Single coil barbed tape wire is installed without clips, it runs in natural loops on walls or fencings. Single coil razor wire is ostless and can be easily installed.

Type: CBT-65 (Concertina Barbed Tape ) and BTO (Barbed Tape Obstacle)
Type: BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-15, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-30, CBT-60, CBT-65 etc

Outside 450mm,500mm,700mm,600mm,980mm,1000mm etc as customers request.

Electro galvanized core wire and blade;
Hot-dipped galvanized core wire and blade;
Stainess steel core wire and blade;
PVC coated core wire and blade;
Or hot-dipped galvanized core wire+stainless steel blade.

Razor type: single type, cross type (3 or 5clips per circle)
Single coil cross type razor barbed wire
Hot-dipped galvanized zinc coating grade:
Single coil cross type razor barbed wire

Single Coil Modern Razor Wire Security Fencing

Application: mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railway, highway and also widely used in military, jail, industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, dwelling house, plantation for fencing.

Packing: plastic inside and nylon woven outside, and water proof carton and export packing.

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38 Razor Ribbons Selling Miss_Lin_Da.htmlMiss Lin Da 19 Mar 2017, 00:20

Razor Ribbons

Razor Ribbon For Sale is also named concertina coils or razor type barbed wire. It is a kind of modern security fencing materials with better protection and fencing strength made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets. With beautiful and sharp blades and strong core wire, razor wire has the features of secure fencing, easy installation, age resistance and other properties.

Razor Ribbon barbed tape is engineered for consistency in structure and material composition, and conforms to federal, state, and industrial specifications. All barbed tape products are manufactured from exceptionally tough, high quality stainless steel components. Razor Ribbon barbed tape is available in single coil and single or double coil concertina. It is specifically designed to provide maximum perimeter security for a wide variety of applications.

Razor ribbon is one of our major razor wire strip products. We manufacture two types of razor wire ribbons - Galvanized & Stainless Steel. The loops are normally not clipped together in concertina fashion. This allows the razor wire coil to be installed in any distance between loops, depending on the security desired, the most common being 18" or 450mm.

Razor wire ribbon is a kind of galvanized steel wire tape, with two-sided blades with symmetrical arrangement. The galvanized steel wire diameter is of 2.5 millimeters, reinforced to 5mm in diameter. The most important feature of razor concertina wire is that its construction is able to maintain its structure.

When ordering the concertina each loop shall be clipped. The adjacent loop 3- 5 -7 or 9 times equally spaced around the circumference to provide the concertina effect. The clips are made of 0.065" × 0.0375 stainless steel capable of withstanding a minimum pull load of 200lbs.

Razor ribbons are available in standard coils and flat coils forms. The new flat coil wire is ideal for installation above walls and fences and forms a much less bulky barrier than traditional spiral coil wire.

Material applied for razor ribbons: Galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet.

Razor wire ribbons can be installed in the form of barbed tape wire or concertina coil to walls or fencings.

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39 Galvanized Razor Wire Selling Miss_Lin_Da.htmlMiss Lin Da 19 Mar 2017, 00:19

Galvanized Razor Wire

Razor Wire Materials: hot dipped galvanized steel sheet and wire, stainless steel sheet and wire: AISI430 and AISI304.

We are an expert in the manufacture of razor wire of various materials. Razor wire is mostly made in hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets and stainless steel sheets and wires.

Razor wire in hot dipped galvanized sheet is economic cost compared with stainless steel razor wire. It has bright and beautiful blade of various types, offers good corrosion resistance. Galvanized razor wire can be supplied in straight line razor wire, single coils razor wire or crossed concertina razor coils.

Blade Types for Galvanized Razor Wire: BT-10, BT-12, BT-18, BT-22, BT-28, BT-30, BT-60, BT-65, etc.
Sizes of Hot-dipped Galvanized Razor Wire: Different length from 450mm to 980mm while the length and the diameter of the razor wire can be customized.

Process and Features: Galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate punched into certain forms then attached to the steel wire in sharp angle to form the blades. The products offer beautiful appearance, economic cost, good frightening result and easy installation. Sharp blades coming in the form of concertina by buckles bring very good result of frightening and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders. Razor wire is divided into spiral, straight line and crossed spiral types.

Application: Widely used in military field, prisons, detention houses, government buildings and other national security facilities. Also fencing of residences, villa wall and windows, express way, railway, national border lines, etc.

Type:   BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-15, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-30, CBT-60, CBT-65 etc

Outside 450mm,500mm,700mm,600mm,980mm,1000mm etc as customers request

Electro galvanized core wire and blade;
Hot-dipped galvanized core wire and blade;
Stainess steel core wire and blade;
PVC coated core wire and blade;
hot-dipped galvanized core wire+stainless steel blade.

Razor type: single type, cross type (3 or 5clips per circle).

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40 Wall Spike Selling Miss_Lin_Da.htmlMiss Lin Da 19 Mar 2017, 00:18

Wall Spike

Wall Spikes are a simple yet effective method of enhancing the security of an existing wall or security fence. The wall spikes are easy to install and come in a variety of coatings or finishes.

Material: hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. Stainless steel AISI430 or AISI304.
Specification of Wall Spike:
Barb length: 64mm.
Barb thickness: 0.8mm-1.0mm.
Length per piece: 0.5M or 1M.
Thickness: 0.8mm-2mm
Length: 0.5m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m,1.8m,2m, etc.
Barb length: 64mm-100mm.

Usage: Barbed nails are widely used in gardens, factories, airports and other wall protection. It is security. In order to play a protective role, the screw can be
fixed to the wall with the expansion head or metal fence.

Aesthetic appearance and protective excellent performance,
easy to install,
high safety factor, many tricks, and a good deterrent effect,
corrosion resistance, aging resistance,
sunshine resistance and weather resistance.

Installation Guidelines
Anti climb wall spikes are potentially dangerous and should be attached to walls and fences at a minimum height of 2m. The installed spikes must avoid any and all contact with pedestrian traffic and be installed in a highly visible manner in compliance with local laws and regulations and necessary warning signs fitted.

Anti-climb wall spikes:
Height 110mm, gap 80mm;
Length 1.5m strips;
Hot dipped galvanized or powder coated.

Packaging:30pcs/carton , 40pcs/carton or as your request.

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41 Concertina Coil Wire Selling Miss_Lin_Da.htmlMiss Lin Da 19 Mar 2017, 00:17

Concertina Coil Wire

Concertina Coil Barbed Wire is also known as crossed razor barbed wire. Two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire are bound together by clips to make it stronger. The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful feature and practicality.

450mm coil diameter concertina razor barbed wire;
Single coil durable concertina razor wire.

Material: high quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire , medium carbon steel wire (galvanized, plastic coated, plastic sprayed).
Type: double twisted barbed wire , general barbed wire, single strand barbed wire.PVC barbed wire, stoving varnish barbed wire.
Characteristic: by twisting and weaving, firm and beautiful.
Application: as barrier for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, express way, tree

Concertina wire is a type of barbed wire or razor wire that is formed in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina. In conjunction with plain barbed wire and steel pickets, it is used to form military wire obstacles.

Concertina Razor coils is supplied typically in single coils or crossed spiral coils. We can produce razor type barbed wire in concertina coils or straight lines. Blade types and specifications vary according to the customers' requirements.

Main Application: Concertina Razor coils is used as security fencing and isolation for gardens, residences, military sites and other sites requiring high security.

A barrier known as a triple concertina wire fence consists of two parallel concertinas joined by twists of wire and topped by a third concertina similarly attached. The result was an extremely effective barrier with many of the desirable properties of a random entanglement. Optionally, triple concertina fence could be strengthened with uprights, but this increases the construction time significantly.
Concertina wire packs flat for ease of transport and can then be deployed as an obstacle much more quickly than ordinary barbed wire.

A platoon of soldiers can deploy a single concertina fence at a rate of about a kilometer per hour. Such an obstacle is not very effective by itself, and concertinas are normally built up into more elaborate patterns as time permits.

Concertina Razor coils is made by stainless steel sheets and galvanized high tensile claps. It has a beautiful crossing outlook and it is suitable for uses after extending, making an ideal security fencing with great anti-climb and anti-cutting property. Standard materials for razor type barbed wire are either galvanized or stainless steel.

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42 Rotary Drilling Kelly Bar, Soilmec Rt3-St Interlocking Kelly Bar Selling Mrs_Kellybar_Unimate.htmlMrs. Kellybar Unimate 10 Mar 2017, 08:49

Kelly Bar

Type: Interlocking Kelly Bar

Sections: 3,4,5

Material: 1st-2nd sections: Q345B; 3rd-4th sections:27SiMn or 35CrMo

Application: used with piling rigs for drilling in dense sand and gravel and weak to strong rock

The features of UNIMATE kelly bar are as follows:

1-Adopt the advanced technology of 6-key design in the world and standard modular design.

2-Equipped with advanced processing facilities, processing technic and manufacturing equipments, UNIMATE kelly bar enjoys a low weight, high strength, high straightness of single bar, thinner tube, smaller inter-tube distance and good abrasion resistance.

3-The raw materials are either imported from Germany like the high abrasion resistance materials, or from Chinese top manufacturer such as the seamless steel tube with alloy. All the tubes made in China are specially made seamless alloy tube, which guarantees the accuracy of the sizes, location, physical properties and easy welding. The small-diameter tubes undergo reheat treatment, which strength is up to 800kg level. The friction kelly bar can be used under full torque.

4-All the outer keys have undergone special heat treatment.Therefore, they possess higher hardness, higher flexibility ad excellent welding properties, which provide higher abrasion resistance to the keys.


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43 Lease Bg Sblc & Mtn & 100% Protected Finance Prof_Marco_Licani.htmlProf. Marco Licani 08 Mar 2017, 10:35

As a Finance and Investment Company who is a Premier Provider of Trade Finance, Project Finance & Funding; We also offer discountable Bank Instruments at rates being as low as Two Percent (2%) of the required BG | SBLC | DLC | LC | PB | MTN | Bank Drafts Face Value.

We offer basically a wide range of Financial Instruments including;
- Standby Letters of Credit
- Bank Guarantees
- Deferred / Documentary Letters of Credit
- Red Clause Letters of Credit
- Usance Letters of Credit
- Performance Guarantees
- Demand Guarantees
- POF messages
- Pre Advice Message
- Comfort Letters
- Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages; and we are able to complete a transaction within 48 to 72 hours depending on the requirement of the Lessee / Buyer Side.

Should you have an interest in the Lease and Sale of these, kindly inform and we will be glad to share with you our PROCEDURAL TERMS in regards to setting things in motion for an IMPENDING TRANSACTION. Upon the acceptance of your party to work with the Lessor's Terms, we would have Legal Contract in place for the transaction to be set up between the Applicant and the Beneficiary and the delivery of the Bank Instrument will be in accordance with the Verbiage (Text) chosen by the Beneficiary's Bank.

Kindly contact to register your interest and receive further information via Email and/or Skype

Contact : Mr. Marco Licani
Email : marco.lease@gmail.com
Skype ID: Marco.Licani1


44 Fresh Cut Financial Instrument For Lease (Bg/sblc) Finance Mr_Rajesh_Khanna.htmlMr. Rajesh Khanna 28 Feb 2017, 13:31

Dear Partner/Associate.

We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG), Insurance Guarantees, MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. If you are a potential Investor or Principal looking to raise capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about this opportunity and to provide you with details regarding these services.

Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs to lessor compared to other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies.

The Financial institution can finance your signatory projects such as Real Estate Development, Aviation Service, Agriculture Finance, Petroleum Importation, Telecommunication, construction of Dams or Bridges and all kind of projects., we fund 100% of the face value of the financial instrument.
Inquiries from agents/ brokers/ intermediaries are also welcome.
If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects in this way, please contact me for more information.

Contact: rakhan.capitalfunding@gmail.com
Skype ID: rakhan.capitalfunding


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45 Bg/sblc And Lc For Lease Selling Mr_Chakkaravarthy_Munuswamy.htmlMr. Chakkaravarthy Munuswamy 25 Jan 2017, 11:45

Dear Partner/Associate.

We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG), Insurance Guarantees, MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. If you are a potential Investor or Principal looking to raise capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about this opportunity and to provide you with details regarding these services.

Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs to lessor compared to other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies.

The Financial institution can finance your signatory projects such as Real Estate Development, Aviation Service, Agriculture Finance, Petroleum Importation, Telecommunication, construction of Dams or Bridges and all kind of projects., we fund 100% of the face value of the financial instrument.
Inquiries from agents/ brokers/ intermediaries are also welcome.

If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects in this way, please contact me for more information.

Chakkaravarthy Munuswamy

Contact : Chakkaravarthy Munuswamy
Email ID: chakkaravarthy.finance@gmail.com
Skype ID: chakkaravarthy.finance


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46 Horse Tail Mane Hair Selling Mrs_Liu_Pei.htmlMrs. Liu Pei 19 Jan 2017, 23:38

Horse Tail Mane Hair

We supply several colors : mainly white, black, mixed, brown, grey, sorrel, dyed and so on, and various size : mainly 4-12".

Use:Making False Hair Hair Extensions, brush and decorate.
We offer : 8 inch pure white horse mane hair, dye black horse mane hair, horse mane hair for brushes.High quality fashionable designs.

56mm mixed horse mane hair with 50% pp silk.

Packaging Details:
paper then carton or as the require of customerDelivery
Delivery Detail:
Shipped in 10 days after payment.

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47 Root Horse Tail Hair Selling Mrs_Liu_Pei.htmlMrs. Liu Pei 19 Jan 2017, 23:37

Root Horse Tail Hair

China market 60cm white root horse tail hair

We supply several colors : mainly white, black, mixed, brown, grey and so on, and various size : mainly 2-15".

Material : 100% real horse root hairs.
Colors : black , white , grey , chestnut , mixed
Length : 3"-10" or more
Packing : by paper
Bottom style : double drawn or single drawn.

Payment : Paypal , Bank T/T or Western Union
Delivery : by express withing 10-15 days
Accept custom order
Samples available
Color chart available.

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48 Mixed Pp Horse Tail Hair Selling Mrs_Liu_Pei.htmlMrs. Liu Pei 19 Jan 2017, 23:37

Mixed PP horse tail hair

We supply 15cm mixed horse hair mixed pp fiber, dd horse hair mixed PP black.Horse hair mixed PP is mainly used for brush fiber. uniform hair color and length, strong strength and elasticity, shining color and luster.

Our factory produce and supply double drawn horse hair, color include grey/mixed, black, white, size is 4-5" , 5-6", 6-8", 9-12" 12-15", 18-20" and up and special length, Size:1-40"up, Packing:25kgs/carton.

DD horse hair mixed PP black:
Double drawn horse mane
Single drawn horse mane
Double drawn horse tail
Single drawn horse tail
Horse body hair
Curly horse hair
Horse root hair

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49 Curled Horse Tail Hair Selling Mrs_Liu_Pei.htmlMrs. Liu Pei 19 Jan 2017, 23:36

Curled Horse Tail Hair

For example mattress, pillow, chair and upholstery filling.It is good at ventilation.

100% curled horse hair is used for padding.
Use: for padding.
Feature: good ventilation.
Color: mixed.
Package: carton.
Grade: Healthcare.
Certificate: iso 9001.
Hair Material:100% unprocessed virgin human horse hair.
Export: USA, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Holland, Germany, about 20 countries and regions.
Hair Length:8 inches - 30 inches
Hair Weight:95 grams - 100 grams.

Packaging Details: In cartons
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 20 days after payment
Available color: Brown, dark grey.
Used as filling material of  mattress, soft etc.

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50 Makeup Brush Goat Hair Selling Mrs_Liu_Pei.htmlMrs. Liu Pei 19 Jan 2017, 23:35

Makeup Brush Goat Hair

We offer various goat hair. Goat hair is mainly used as writing brush material, also for other uses. We process goat hair of different color and quality for your choice.

We offer: makeup set powder brush goat hair, korea cosmetic style makeup brush goat hair, Goat hair black wooden handle fan makeup brush.double colored goat hair.

Packaging Details:
powder brush goat hair
brush makeup set packed with box or OPP bag,
normal Carton (40cm*30cm*30cm)
fulled with 80-100pcs, 50set- 60sets.

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