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    Guangdai Metal Co. Ltd

  • Company Introduction: GuangDai Metal Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized in all types of stainless steel works, including Screen Partition, stainless steel frame, wall panel, Column Cladding, stainless steel  Furniture, Metal Cabinet, Sculpture & Art-Craft, gates, profiles.
    Equipped with outstanding designers, responsible QC team and experienced workers, provides original designed stainless steel works for government projects, hospital projects, international 5 star hotels, office buildings
  • Local Company Name: 广代金属
  • Country: China.htmlChina
  • State/Region: Guangdong
  • City: Foshan
  • Zip/Postal Code: 518000
  • Street: No.3, Block 1, Area H, Liyuan Metal Logistics Mall, Chencun Town, Shunde District
  • Phone: +86 18312838167
  • Skype: fan-gigi
  • Company Email:
  • Company Certification: ISO 14001:2004
    ISO 9001:2000
  • Company Location:
  • Company Description:

      Since the founding, we have been improving ourselves by gaining knowledge of modern designs, updating engineering techniques, improving packing solutions and so on.By using the information gained, our team of outstanding designers, responsible QC team and professional engineers are able to manufacture fashionable, reliable products of top quality, and provide excellent designs and services for domestic and oversea customers.

  • Guangdai metal co. ltd - Employees

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    1 Mrs. Gigi Fan Guangdai_Metal_Co_Ltd.htmlGuangdai Metal Co. Ltd Sales Manager +86 18312838167 - Login to Steelads - China.htmlChina 16 Apr 2018
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    Guangdong, Guangzhou

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