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        1 Steel Bar Grating Selling Miss_Yuanyuan_Yuan.htmlMiss Yuanyuan Yuan 28 Dec 2017, 10:38

        Steel Bar Grating

        We are a manufacturer and exporter, we offer: Platform Steel Grating, Drain covers steel grating , Compound Steel Bar Gratings, Pressure Locked Steel Bar Grating, Standard Grating Panel, Fabricated Mild Steel Grating, Stainless bar steel grating , ect.

        Materials used mild steel, stainless steel with 3mm * 5mm thickness, flat form and serrated flat.U.S.A NASI/NAAMM standards.

        Steel Grating Mesh is made by welding with flat steel and bars with certain distances. It goes through cutting, opening, edging and other processes. The products enjoy the feature of high strength, light structure, high bearing, convenience for loading and other properties. The hot dipped zinc coating gives the product excellent anti-corrosion.

        Hot dip galvanised compound grating

        Material: high quality low carbon steel
        Types: serrated and plain
        Finishes: electro galv, hot dipped galv, according to the difference surface treatment.

        NOTE: Difference spacing of bearing bar & Cross bar can also be manufacture upon request.


        Galvanized steel grating are widely used by various plants such as electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, machinery industry, shipbuilding, harbor, oceanographic engineering, building, paper mills, cement plant, medicine, spinning and weaving, foodstuff factory, transportation, municipal administration, parking lot, etc.

        Pressure Locked Steel Bar Grating

        Pressure Locked Metal Bar Grating is a system constructed of interlocking slotted bars bonded together using tremendous hydraulic pressue. The bars are positioned every 2 inch or 4 inch. Also known as press-locked bar grates. Permanent locking is achieved by forcing the deep cross bar into the bearing bar. Both the cross bars and the bearing bars provide walking surfaces in the press-locked design.

        Pressure locked bar grate panels provide a smooth clean look ideal for architectural applications such as grilles, dividers and screens. It is used in the same structural applications as its welded steel and rectangular aluminum counterparts. Popular metal materials for press locked gratings are Aluminum alloy, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel and Aluminum Pressure Locked Gratings are mostly used architectural ceiling panels and decoration. Spacings range from 7/16" to 1-3/16".

        Comparing of Pressure Locked Metal Grating with Welded Bar Grating:
        Press-locked Steel Bar Grating exhibits the same strength, long life and openness as Welded Steel Grating, although it is not recommended for rolling loads. Instead of welding the joints applied for welded bar grating, however, tremendous hydraulic pressure is used to bond the two close-tolerance slotted bars together in processing of Pressure Locked Gratings.

        Rectangular bar grating in either the swage-locked or press-locked styles offers good lateral stiffness. The rectangular bar is also available in a serrated surface for additional safety.

        Manufacturing Process: slot (hole), plug the pressure lock, welding, finishing and other processes.

        Features: High strength, corrosion resistant, maintenance-free, uniform precision, structural lightweight, beautiful, natural and harmonious, elegant style.

        Applications: Press locked bar grating sheets are used in residential and commercial buildings, theaters, subways, suburban areas and other public works, ceiling, indoor and outdoor decoration, platform aisle, ventilation window (Wells), advertising plaque, all kinds of covers (cable trench, draining system) and so on.

        We supply four categories pressure locked bar gratings according to sizes and structures:

        1, Ordinary steel grating maximum working height of 100mm. Steel grating length is usually less than 2000mm. Ordinary bearer flat grooving, the rail steel molding pressure lock.
        2, Steel grating height of not more than 100mm. Steel grating length is usually less than 2000mm. Integral bearing steel and rail steel having the same height as the bearer flat notch depth 1/2.
        3, Sun steel grating, grating height is less than 100mm. Bearing steel open 30 ° or 45 ° chute, slotted rod steel slotted lock molding press. Depending on the distance required to hand over the other specifications of the grid plate, you can use ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials.
        4, Heavy-duty grating: high steel and flat steel crossbar bite each other, at 1200 tons of clamping pressure molding. Suitable for high bearing loads span occasion.

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        2 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Selling Miss_Yuanyuan_Yuan.htmlMiss Yuanyuan Yuan 28 Dec 2017, 10:34

        Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

        Stainless steel wire mesh refers to the woven wire fabric made by weaving looms from first class stainless steel material in SUS/AISI 201, 202, 302, 304, 310, 310S, 316, 316L, etc. This page provides information on wire materials applied for weaving, properties, and specification of most popular specifications.

        Wire Mesh Weaving IllustrationMajor Wire Materials and Introduction: Stainless steel AISI 304, 304 L, 316 and 316 L.
        AISI 304: This type is the basic stainless alloy mostly commonly used for wire cloth/mesh weaving. It offers excellent property against rusting and oxidation.
        AISI 304 L: Materials similar to 304, with reduced carbon content for better weaving.

        Varieties of Square Opening:
        Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh produced by We is classified into two types according to the weaving patterns:
        Stainless steel square wire mesh plain woven
        Stainless steel square wire mesh twill woven

        Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Plain weave is the most commonly used weave. Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below each weft wire. Warp and weft wires generally have the same diameter.

        Twill Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is made by each weft wire passing alternately over two, and then under two successive warp wires and each warp wire passing alternately over two and under two successive weft wires. It is possible to be used to allow a heavier than standard wire diameter.
        Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh Varieties according to materials:
        Stainless steel square wire mesh type 304
        Stainless steel square wire mesh type 304L
        Stainless steel square wire mesh type 316
        Stainless steel square wire mesh type 316L

        Uses: Stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel wire cloth products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environment protection, mine, airspace, paper-making, electronic, metallurgy etc. Special size and specification are available according to customers' requirement.
        Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh Sizes:
        Standard roll width of stainless steel square wire mesh: 1m to 48"
        Standard roll length of stainless steel square wire mesh: 30m to 100".

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        3 Pvc Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence Selling Miss_Yuanyuan_Yuan.htmlMiss Yuanyuan Yuan 28 Dec 2017, 10:33

        PVC Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

        We can supply plastic or vinyl coated chain link fence for export in Green, blue, beige and custom colors. The powder coated steel fence netting is supplied with posts, caps, top rails, tubular line posts and gates with the same treatment. PVC / Plastic /Vinyl coated Chain Link Fence is a kind of flexible woven wire mesh fence. It can be designed with chain link swing or slide gates, barbed wires, razor wire and other accessories to make a system fencing for specific uses.

        Property of chain link fence with coating layer: Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance.

        Applications: Plastic or vinyl powder coated chain link fence is mainly used as fences for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence, etc. Chain link fence is also used in breeding of animals.

        PVC Coated Diamond Shape Mesh Chain Link Sports Fence.

        Material: Low carbon steel wire, SS wire, Aluminum Alloy wire
        Surface finish: Electro+ gal., Hot-dipped gal., PVC coated
        Edge Style: Twisted barb edge, Closed edge
        Posts: 38mm, 48mm as standard
        Hole shape: Diamond
        Edge Style: Twisted barb edge, Closed edge.

        Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence makes ideal outdoor swimming pool fence panels. The vinyl coating adds more protection for the fence fabric from sunlight, acid water and other outdoor factors. We offers also black coated chain link gates to fit the fence system to make a beautiful yarn for you. With the bright color, black chain link fabric is much suitable for the yards, parks, zoos, pool security fencing, industrial zones compared to galvanized chain fencing and stainless steel chain-link fence. In addition, it costs low than other type materials. Fence materials are galvanized before steel, then plastic coated with black or green or other colors.

        Electro Galvanized PVC Coated Chain Link Fence ( in Roll), portable:

        3mm ( After PVC Coating 1.8mm wire) ×5×5cm×1×15m
        3mm (After PVC Coating 1.8mm wire ) ×5×5cm×1.8×15m
        3mm ( After PVC Coating,2mm wire ) ×5×5cm×1×15m
        3mm (After PVC,2mm wire ) ×5×5cm×1.8×15m
        2.7mm ( Before PVC) ×5×5cm×1×15m
        2.7mm ( Before PVC) ×5×5cm×1.8×15m

        Chain link fence gate make an important part for perimeter fencing system. It allows pedestrians and autos to go in and out of the enclosed areas or sites conveniently while remains a safe barrier. The gate is usually made of chain link mesh panels made from galvanized steel wire or plastic coated wire, then framed with tubes and fixed with rollers. The chain-link gates are very much used together with chain link fencing for houses, edifices, ranches and farms. Yudemei supplies tie wire, post caps, gate finger, rings and other accessories for installing the gates. We will introduce a 6 step method to form a fencing safety gate with chain link netting below.

        Chain link gates can be custom made into a range of styles, gate height and colors. We also mainly walk-in gates, single swing gates, double swing gate, cantilever chain link gates without roller, or with roller.

        Installation of Chain Link Fencing Gates:
        Step 1: Install the line post and terminal posts by using of tension bands, brace bands and bolts.
        Step 2: Attach line post caps. Join the top rail with swaged end. Plain end of the top rail fits into rail end fittings on the terminal post.
        Step 3: After assembling framework as above, unroll the chain link netting fabric on the ground along the fence line starting at terminal post.
        Step 4: Then slide the tension bar through the last link in the fence fabric and attach this combination to the terminal post using tension band and bolts.
        Step 5: Adjustment of mesh netting. If more or less netting fabric is required to span the opening, an additional amount can be connected or removed.
        Step 6: The chain link fence netting shall be on the outside face of all posts and loosely attached to the top rail by a tie wire.

        The chain-link gates are popularly used together with fences in the following fields:
        Fences for houses, edifices, ranches and farms
        Boundary fences for sports yards
        Football and soccer yards fences
        Chicken yards, zoo and gardens etc.

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        4 Perforated Sheet For Aluminum Selling Miss_Yuanyuan_Yuan.htmlMiss Yuanyuan Yuan 28 Dec 2017, 10:39

        Perforated Sheet For Aluminum

        We make perforated Sheet out aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, cold-rolled carbon steel, copper, brass and other metals. Perforated sheets can be punched from metal plates and coils providing options of margins and blank areas, along with full perforation styles. A common way to produce perforated metal is using coils. This method provides great flexibility in both design and handling. Perforated coils can be produced faster than perforating sheets.

        Standard perforated sheets

        we supply are size 1000 x2000 mm, thicknesses from 0,3 mm up to 10 mm and perforation from 0,3 mm up to 100 mm. Perforation range: round, square and rectangular holes and much more.
        Usually holes diameter can not be lower than thickness. Usually the round holes layout is at 60°. Squared and rectangular holes, instead, are aligned.

        Common open area or porosity: 20%, 26%, 23%, 30%, 40% and 35%.
        Hole Diameter:1.0-6.0mm
        Thickness of Metal Plate:0.2-3mm
        Material to be punched:
        Plain steel perforated sheet and galvanized steel sheet;
        Stainless steel sheet;
        Copper sheet;
        Brass sheet;
        Aluminum sheet;
        Other metals alloys.

        (1) Cold rolled steel sheet

        Hole Diameter:0.8mm-10mm
        (2) Plate
        Size: ≤1.5×3m
        Hole Diameter:0.8mm-100mm
        The specification only for reference, it can be done according to the requests of the customers.

        perforated aluminum sheet

        Three Featured Products Taking Advantages Of Unique Properties Of Perforated Metal:

        Architectural Perforated Sheet: Perforated metals have light weight and multiple choice of aesthetic patterns, can be easily adapted into forms to meet various designs. Widely used as facade screen, suspension acoustic ceiling panels, metal partitions and decorative curtains, louver shutters and sunshade screen, building ventilation screen in modern buildings and architectures like Shopping Mall, Museum, Hotels.

        Perforated Mesh Materials:   galvanized plate, PVC coated plate, stainless steel plate, aluminium plate, etc.

        Plain Steel Perforated Sheet is made of high quality low carbon plain steel sheet after being perforated on the digital control perforated machines. Plain Steel Perforated Metal has the features of good strength-to-weight ratio, wide range of open area percentages, accurate hole size, available in corrosion resistant materials, available in lightweight material and suitable for decorative applications.

        * Single Peak Anti-wind and Dust Mesh:
        Forming 250mm-500mm in width, peak of high is 50mm-100mm, Plate thickness 0.5mm-1.5mm. Length: 0-4m. We can produce according to customer's requirements.
        * Twin Peak Anti-wind and Dust Mesh:
        Forming 400mm-600mm in width, peak of high is 50mm-100mm, Plate thickness 0.5mm-1.0mm. Length: 0-10m. We can produce according to customer's requirements.
        * Three Peak Anti-wind and Dust Mesh:
        Forming 810mm in width, peak of high is 80mm, Plate thickness 0.5mm-1.0mm. Length: 0-10m. We can produce according to customer's requirements.

        Punched openings:
        round, square, triangle, diamond, hexagonal, cross, etc.

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        5 Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Wire Selling Miss_Yuanyuan_Yuan.htmlMiss Yuanyuan Yuan 28 Dec 2017, 10:41

        Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Wire

        Razor Wire-Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Wire.

        Razor barbed tape is a kind of modern security fencing materials fabricated with razor-sharp steel blade and high-tensile wire.

        Material: hot dipped galvanized steel pipes.
        Surface finish: Powder coated.
        Color: Black, White, Blue, Green, etc. You can choose color according to your preferences.

        High protection, it is almost impossible to climb.
        High-strength steel core very difficult to cut off.
        Powerful security fence barriers neat appearance.
        Extremely simple to install, needs three to four to install molding.

        Razor Wire Variety:
        Concertina Coils Type
        Straight Type Razor Wire
        Concertina single razor wire
        Concertina cross razor wire
        Flat wrap razor wire
        Welded razor wire mesh panels

        BTO-22, Diameter :0.7m, 9kg/roll
        Wire diameter: 2.5mm
        Wire tensile strength: 700-900N/M2
        Knife width: 20mm
        Knife length :22mm
        Knife thickness :0.5mm
        Space between knifes: 34mm
        Zinc coating of knife: 40g/m2
        Zinc coating of wire: 50G/m2
        Quantity of loops: 42loops
        Length of opening 12m

        BTO-22, Diameter: 1m, 14kg/roll
        Wire diameter: 2.5mm
        Wire tensile strength: 700-900N/M2
        Knife width: 20mm
        Knife length: 22mm
        Knife thickness: 0.5mm
        Space between knifes: 34mm
        Zinc coating of knife: 40g/m2
        Zinc coating of wire: 50G/m2
        Quantity of loops: 56loops
        Length of opening :14m
        -each piece covered by paper + fabric
        -20 pieces tied together

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        6 Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Selling Miss_Yuanyuan_Yuan.htmlMiss Yuanyuan Yuan 28 Dec 2017, 10:37

        Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

        According to materials and finishes, we can offer electric galvanized welded wire mesh; hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh and pvc coated wire mesh. Supplied in the forms of roll or panels.

        We offer:
        2"x4"x 14g x 60"X100' Welded Mesh Rolls (GBW)
        2x2" 16G 12"x150' Galvanized Square Hole Mesh Rolls (GBW)
        Powder Coated GBW Welded Fencing Mesh Panels

        Hot Dipped Galvanized After Weld (GAW) is strong and durable. These products are made by dipping previously welded mesh into a bath of molten zinc. The entire fence or mesh, including the welded areas, is thoroughly sealed and protected against rust and corrosion. GAW mesh is made of steel wire without pre galvanizing layer. Can be further coated with chemical powder.

        Mesh 12.7*12.7mm (hole) 1mm (wire) 25m (length) roll *1m (height) -
        (before welding)
        Galvanized level: 50gr / m2

        Mesh 12.7*12.7mm (hole) 1mm (wire) 25m (length) roll *1.2m (height)
        (before welding)
        Galvanized level: 50gr / m2

        Mesh 12.7*12.7mm (hole) 1mm (wire) 25m (length) roll *1.5m (height)
        (before welding)
        Galvanized level: 50gr / m2

        Mesh 12.7*12.7mm (hole) 0.8mm (wire) 25m (length) roll *1m (height)
        (before welding)
        Galvanized level: 40gr / m2
        Tied roll + nylon packing + info label (possible to take out label)

        Low carbon steel wire arranged in lines and spot welded to flat structure, and then cold-plating (plating), hot dip, PVC plastic coating surface passivation. The mesh panels offer surface smooth, uniform mesh, good performance, stability, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion resistance.

        Electro Galvanized Before Weld (GBW) is economical and ideal for industrial and commercial uses. The wires used are galvanized zinc plated before they are welded into a variety of mesh sizes. Different gauge wires are used. The gauge and mesh sizes are determined by the final use of the product. Smaller meshes made with lighter gauge wires are ideal for making cages for small animals, tree guards, corn storing circles, while the mesh rolls with heavier gauges and larger openings are mainly used for security fences.

        Galvanized welded wire mesh is the most economic one among our welded wire mesh products and is widely used by our customers. It offers uniform opening, strong welding spots, good corrosion resistance and firm structure. Popularly used in agriculture, construction, engineering, industry and transport as fencing, breeding material, construction reinforcement and processing of welded wire products for various uses.

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        7 Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Mesh Selling Miss_Yuanyuan_Yuan.htmlMiss Yuanyuan Yuan 28 Dec 2017, 10:40

        Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Mesh

        Alkaline Resistant coated fiberglass mesh is mainly used in reinforcing concretes and any alkaline base medium. It is waterproof membrane fabric with high tensile strength. Also known as EIFS mesh applied to exterior thermal insulation system, or stucco mesh in cement coat finishes. Vinyl coated fiber mesh tapes enable casts and mother molds to work with thin fabrics without sacrificing strength. Black silicone coated fiberglass mesh is also available. Fiberglass reinforcing mesh is used in tape formor cut to pieces as mesh wing fabrics attached to plastering corner beads.

        Features of AR Fiberglass Mesh Rolls or Tapes:
        High alkali-resistance;
        Good cohesion;
        Good flexibility;
        Tensile strength, etc.

        Fiberglass mesh Unit Weight: 45g/m², 51g/m², 70g/m², 75g/m², 140g/m², 145g/m², 160g/m², 165g/m²
        Mesh Hole size: 2.3 mm × 2.3 mm, 2.5 mm × 2.5 mm, 4 mm × 4 mm, 5 mm × 5 mm.
        Mesh Roll Width: 600 to 2000mm
        Fiberglass mesh Roll length: 50 meters to 300 meters
        Packing: plastic foil on each roll, 30 rolls per carton, one carton per pallet or some rolls per carton.
        Colors available: white (standard), blue, yellow, orange, black, green or according to requirements.

        Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh has excellent properties like high alkali-resistance, good cohesion, flexibility, tensile strength, etc. This kind of fiberglass mesh can be widely used in wall heat reservation system for water proof and preventing cracks.

        Common Specifications:
        •Fiberglass Mesh size: 5x5mm,4x5mm or 4x4mm;
        •Weight/m2: 80g--160g;
        •Fiberglass Mesh Length/roll: 50m,100m or 200m;
        •Fiberglass Mesh Width/roll: 1m--2m;
        •Colors available for fiberglass mesh: white (standard), blue, green or other colors;

        We offer
        Alkali Resistant 4 X 5mm 80g Fiber Glass Mesh for Exterior Wall Insulation System.
        white color 4x4mm 145g / m2 fiberglass stucco mesh
        120g 5*5mm fiberglass wall plaster mesh pieces, for angle bead
        alkali resistant fiberglass mesh for external wall insulation 5*5 145g/m2 stucco eifs wall insulation mesh
        vinyl coated alkali resistance high strength fiberglass reinforced mesh finishing cloth
        fiberglass reinforced mesh for construction wall base coating.

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