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Corner Beads For Exterior Render

Corner Beads for Exterior Render

Easy cleaning and keeping forms corner beads for exterior render.

PVC Perforated Mesh Drywall Angle Beads for Internal Wall Corner Framing:
5*5 145g-165g or 4*4mm
2.5cm*2.5cm ,10cm*10cm.

Materials: Galvanized Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Zinc (99% pure zinc) Alloy, PVC. Expaned sheet or perforated sheet.
Specifications: 90º Internal corner beads providing perfectly straight, sharp inside corners with nail hole.
135º Internal corner beads providing straight corners with nail hole. Used over flat surfaces. Plaster keys near nose for reinforcement where needed most.

mainly used for insulation and interior decoration, heat preservation heat insulating board mainly used for corner and eaves construction use, indoor and outdoor decoration the main problems in the construction of the long-term existence of the yang angle not straight, not beautiful, easy to damage the quality defects such as corner.
In the external wall insulation treatment, the construction speed is slow, the poor impact resistance, weathering, long time of water seepage, causes the wall cracking.

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