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    Iron Ore - Magnetite Iron Ore Fines  (Fe 62-65%, Moisture 4%, Fines Size 10mm, KR AH32/L6/stkr400, 1#/10...) - FOB Chile / CIF China/India/USA

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  • Short Description: Magnetite Iron Ore Fines Fe Content 62% min. Basis
  • Detailed Description:

    Magnetite Iron Ore Fines Fe Content 62% min. Basis, below 61% rejection . 
    Port of Loading Main Port Chile.             
    Port of Discharge ASWP at Buyer’s Option.                      
    First Shipment 50,000 DMT (+/- 10%) Delivery within 45 Days after receipt of DLC.
    Followed by every month minimum delivery 150,000 DMT (.+/- 10%) for twelve (12) months with extend and roll on.
    Quantity can be increased depending on Mine Production but has to be mutually agreed between Seller and Buyer.
    Shipments have to be effected by Charter Vessel only.     
                Magnetite Iron Ore Fines Fe Content 62% min. Basis, below 61% rejection . 
                Port of Loading          Main Port Chile.             
                Port of Discharge    -  ASWP at Buyer’s Option     
                SPECIFICATIONS CHEMICAL :                          
                 Fe 62%  Rejection below 61%
                 SiO2 -     5.5%     max
                 Al2O3      3%       max
                 Others     --       --
                 Moisture    4%      max
                PHYSICAL : Size:    0mm – 10 mm  95%
                PRICE  Platt DMT CFR ASWP at Buyer’s Option
                Price based at Fe Content 62% Below Fe 61% rejection.                                 
                Based on the average Platt daily Iron Ore
                Assessment for Iron ore fines 62% Fe CFR North China or ASWP
                Contract: 12 (twelve) month period with extend and roll over
                Loading port: Main port of Chile
                Packing: In Bulk
                Payment term: DLC at sight  ONLY From direct buyer with his LOI/ICPO 

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    1 Gvm
    Italy.htmlItaly Lazio Trading wholesale ferrous and no ferrous metal scraps, Italy and worldwide.
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    G.Villa Metals

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    1 Mr. Gennaro Villa Gvm.htmlGvm Sale & Marketing +393202658905 - Login to Steelads - Italy.htmlItaly 16 Apr 2010
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    No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
    1 Chile Santiago de Chile South America 756,626 km² 15,211,000 people
    2 Italy Roma Southern Europe 301,316 km² 57,680,000 people
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      • Iron Ore - Magnetite Iron Ore Fines… Standards

        No Standard No Society Summary
        1 22379-2008 GB/T
        2 10216-5 EN
        3 1# ASTM
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