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    Paddle Tennis Wire

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  • Short Description: As is known, paddle tennis and platform tennis courts have specific and rugged requirements towards its courts' fence for its special exercise modality. Hexagonal wire mesh is just the designated fence.
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    Paddle Tennis and Platform Tennis Wire

    As is known, paddle tennis and platform tennis courts have specific and rugged requirements towards its courts' fence for its special exercise modality. Hexagonal wire mesh is just the designated fence.
    The 16 gauge wires are triple continuous twisted and then galvanized, GAW (galvanized after weave), to make into a 1" opening mesh. The wire is dipped into a rust inhibiting bath of molten zinc, which will guarantee the zinc coated rate is above 350 g/m2. The heavily galvanized and thicker wire than normal chicken wire assures a corrosion resistant ability to adapt for the adverse circumstance in winter. The size of each roll of wire mesh would be 72" × 180', weighted 328 lbs.
    Except for paddle tennis and platform tennis courts' fencing wire mesh, the same mesh is well performed to be used as conductor on the ceiling of bumper car rides.
    Material: heavily galvanized woven hexagonal netting.
    Wire: 16 gauge.
    Zinc rate: above 350 g/m2.
    Manufacture: triple continuous twisted and galvanized after woven.
    Mesh size: 1".
    Size of rolls: 72" × 180'.
    This is a huge size paddle tennis court with a high platform on ground and chicken wire mesh made fence protect it.
    PTW-01: A standard paddle tennis court with hexagonal wire netting made fence.
    This an empty paddle tennis court in winter by day.
    PTW-02: 16 gauge wire 1" mesh opening hexagonal mesh used as paddle tennis and platform tennis fencing wire mesh.
    Two adjacent paddle tennis courts, one has people playing inside, and American national flag is flying.
    PTW-03: Two adjacent paddle tennis courts are both made from hexagonal netting and posts to fix the wire mesh fence.
    A empty paddle tennis court has kermesinus posts and galvanized hexagonal wire mesh.
    PTW-04: Paddle tennis court with chicken wire mesh and kermesinus posts.
    An enlarged paddle tennis courts fence wire in front, the smaller mesh behind.
    PTW-05: Paddle tennis wire detail with enlarged part in front.

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    1 Anping Poulen Wire Mesh Manufacture Co. Limited
    China.htmlChina Hebei Chicken wire is named poultry mesh or hexagonal wire netting. It is used in garden for small bird protection, or as poultry or small animals housing. And it is used in agricultural. According to the materials, it comes in three types: galvanized chicken wire mesh, stainless steel wire netting, PVC coated green wire netting.
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    1 Mrs. Lily Lee Anping_Poulen_Wire_Mesh_Manufacture_Co_Limited.htmlAnping Poulen Wire Mesh Manufacture Co. Limited Supplier +863185821607 - Login to Steelads - China.htmlChina 16 Apr 2012
    About You:
    Chicken Wire Limited has been selling a huge range of chicken wire for over 30 years. Chicken Wire Limited operate from six depots in China. These six depots are filled with our massive stocks. This means quick delivery and very competitive prices.

    Chicken Wire Limited's motivated and skilled teams specialise in supplying fencing products to all areas of the UK.

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    Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, Seoul

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    1 China Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 km² 1,277,558,000 people
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